Tuesday, May 31, 2011

our memorial day weekend.

First of all, while it's super fun to lay around all day basking in the sun and spending time with family, I did take some time to remember those who gave it all fighting for my freedom and giving me the right to lay around all day basking in the sun. I'm hugely proud of my very military family and thankful to all who have served and continue to serve. So a huge thank you to our military and to the families of those who served but never came home. Their sacrifice is everything.

Now, some pictures huh?

Saturday my grandparents and aunt came up to spend the weekend with us. BG was super excited to have new people to play with. I was super excited to have new people to pawn her off on entertain her for a bit.

We headed into town that afternoon to look around Buy Buy Baby (pink puffy heart) and eat at Mimi's Cafe. So good. Aside from the fact that little Miss was on a big time nap strike, she was on her best behavior and charmed everyone at the place. No idea where she got that social butterfly gene from...

Sunday morning we took my grandmother and aunt to the church here in town we've been visiting. After church, we picked up my granddad and hit up lunch at another local place here in town. The food was amazing. I seriously can't wait to go back.

We stopped on the way home at Target to get BG a pool for the back porch. Best ten dollars ever spent. She loves it. Of course we also picked up this big purple ball which she loved until she missed face planting into it and hit the floor.

That was fun.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching the kid splash around in her new pool. I took about three million pictures because there is nothing cuter than a chubby, little baby in an adorable suit and a water logged diaper. If you think there is, well, you might want to scroll down quickly. ;)

Sunday was also my aunt's birthday so we of course had to get a big 'ol ice cream cake for the occasion. Man. I love me some ice cream cake.

Before they headed out of town Monday morning, we met up for a quick breakfast to see them off.

We spent the rest of the day napping, sunning, and eating. For some reason Mr. P sent me to the store for ribs where I wandered up and down the meat counter for an hour sending him texts with pictures of different cuts of meat. I still didn't end up with what he wanted, but it was delish so whatever.

This little diva is as big a fan of being outside as her Mama is. I can pretty much predict what we'll be doing the rest of the summer.

Sigh.. I am SO glad it's summertime!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

a day.

Yesterday was not a good day.

BG was up bright and early and in rare form for sure. In her defense, I'm pretty sure her teeth have been bothering her big time lately. She's super whiny and super cranky and has been having problems sleeping. Being BG though, she has not let me look in her mouth to see if I can find the pearly white culprits.

I burned breakfast because I got distracted by BG playing in the dog's water bowl. I left the huge puddle she formed on the ground so I could get her fed and then slipped in it later falling flat on my tail and slamming my hand into the kitchen cabinets.


The internet wasn't working and every time I tried to call someone for help, they wouldn't talk to me. I kept hitting brick walls and I was frustrated. I was having one of my down and out days where I obsessively worry about money and wonder if me staying at home is truly what I should be doing now.

BG woke up from her twenty minute nap fighting mad. She didn't want to do anything I allowed her to do, but wanted to climb into and out of boxes, on the furniture, in the toilet; basically everywhere she cannot play. Anytime I moved her I was rewarded with a full on meltdown.

Hanging pictures isn't going well as the walls in this house are some form of plaster. Yet, I won't give up, so I hit the crap out of my thumb ensuing a loud f-bomb from me and giggles and a word way too familiar to the one I just uttered from BG.


I took her on a run, where she fussed the whole time, I got chased by a chihuahua, and I managed to go through an ant bed that I didn't notice until after my ankles were on fire.

I told Mr. P what a hard day I had and how I actually would LOVE to have a job outside of the home some days.. He made the comment that maybe this was exactly where I'm supposed to be and the Lord is trying to teach me something in dealing with her. Like patience. Fun lesson huh?

I know there will be good days and bad days. I know that. Yesterday was just a really, really hard day.

I don't regret staying home with her and I realize how insanely lucky I am to do that. It's just some days... my boss is very hard to deal with.

This is a hard lesson. Toddlerhood is kicking my arse. No lie.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i heart faces: yellow

I somehow just started following along over at I Heart Faces and when I saw this week's theme was "yellow", I knew had the perfect picture to play along.

Be sure to hop on over to I Heart Faces and take a look at some of the other entries.

Monday, May 23, 2011

it's 100 degrees. let's go hiking.

One of the best things about where we now live, is the proximity to the mountains. See, I love the beach but the Mister is not a fan, so back home, we didn't venture there much. I also love the mountains and ding, ding, ding; so does the Mister.

So a couple of weeks ago, we picked a day, packed it up, and headed out to do some hiking and exploring.

Mr. P found a cool tunnel that was started before the civil war but wasn't finished and we headed the hour down the road to check it out.

Besides the fact that being in that tunnel encompassed every single one of my deepest fears all at once, it was pretty cool. BG was loving it. Who wouldn't love being attached to the chest of their super sweaty Mama?!

While we were out, we found another quick "hike" right down the road that was supposed to take us to see a waterfall.

The "hike" was basically a 500 yard straightaway that led to a deck that overlooked the mountain. Boo. But the view was incredible.

We headed back down to the car when I got the bright idea to try another trail off to the side. About forty five minutes into the woods, we decided it would probably be a good idea to go back since we had zero clue where we were headed. After a little Google research back at the car, I found out we were on a trail that went for miles and miles. Nice..

::melt my heart..::

After a little dip in the river (she's such a water baby), we headed back home.

I'm jonesing to get back out there big time.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

project 365: week 20

Sunday, May 15th:
Fail. I am really, really bad at this.. oops.

Monday, May 16th:

BG and I headed to Atlanta to spend the day at the aquarium with some family who were in town. As luck would have it, we got to meet up with two of my very favorite bloggers/twitter pals for lunch before hand. We had such a great time. Tracy and Lyndsey are exactly what I expected and their kiddos were beyond precious. We loved getting to hang out with them. It just stinks we all live so far apart and can't hang out more!

Tuesday, May 17th:

This kid scares me to death with how she sleeps. And meet Max. She is terrified of 98% of the stuffed animals on the planet but she LOVES him. She's obsessed with the Grinch's dog. Nice.

Wednesday, May 18th:

My child; the hot mess. Nice of her Mom to let her go out like that huh?? Moving day makes me clothes lazy.

Thursday, May 19th:

We have a "playroom"/den in the new house. It's awesome. So we got the kiddo a table to color on, do puzzles on, etc. She chooses to climb on it and then attempt to stand and dance. Sweet... I didn't realize those genes could get passed down. Oops.

Friday, May 20th:
We've been moving this week so poor BG has really had to step up her independent play a bit. She's really good at this usually but it involves lots of throwing balls around and banging on pianos and such. She has this doll that she got for Christmas that giggles and whines and such and has a paci attached. Usually she likes to give the doll to me and get me to make it quiet while she claps and looks on. As I was walking out of our room and past her door, I looked in and saw her patting the doll and trying to give her her paci. She held her, she rocked her, and she even threw her up on her shoulder to pat her back. Once she got her "quiet", she sat with her and played with some other toys.

Y'all. I bawled. She's like a big girl now, playing with dolls and such. She played with that doll at her side for almost an hour with us just popping in to check on her. When did she get so big?!?

Great. I'm crying again.

Saturday, May 21st:

Yesterday was the hubs' birthday so BG and I had a few gifts and cards for him to open when he woke up. I love these two so much it hurts.

Yes.. Mr. P is trying to strangle her doll. It is pretty freaky y'all..


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