Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My muscles are on fire!

Well I did it.. I finally joined the gym!! If you know me I am a HORRIBLE dieter!! I've always been an athlete so I've always eaten more than my fair share just to maintain my weight. So I've never had to diet. However, now that I'm A) 26, B) no longer a college soccer player, and C) freakin' lazy, I can't quite do that eating everything in sight thing anymore! I also stink at diets because I HATE fruits and vegetables!! I know, I know. It's sad actually. I'll eat pasta and meat all day because it's what I'm used to but hand me a raw vegetable and I'll more than likely pass out before eating! I'm still a runner but I don't even do that quite like I should anymore. So. To the gym I went. I've gone two days in a row (that deserves some applause people!!) and so far I love it! I think I'll continue to as long as I have someone to go with me. The past two nites, my great friend KT has gone with me and the time has flown by because we simply gossiped the whole time! (Don't worry.. we busted it in between laughter!) I signed Mr. Perfect up tonite as well.. Don't tell him yet. I'll have to break that one gently =). Even though my legs felt like jello at work all day, and a mastiff almost pulled me down because of that, I think I'll stick with it. We did arms tonite so I hope I don't have to pick anyone up tomorrow! Wish me luck that I stick with it. Encouragement is much appreciated!

I'm not going to talk about the inauguration, well not the inauguration itself anyway, but what did everyone think about Michelle Obama's clothes last nite? I liked the yellow outfit but hated the green accessories. I loved her gown last nite, but thought it made her look bigger than she is. Not going to lie, I remember more about the clothes than anything else!

It just about killed me to not talk politics just now so I think I'll stop while I'm ahead and sign out! Please continue to pray for Harper Stamps.. Go read her updates, our prayers are working!!

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