Sunday, April 18, 2010

2 weeks old..

Well we survived the second week.

Let me be honest here; parenting? Hard work.

It's much harder than I thought it would be. It takes a lot to figure out what this adorable little creature needs from me. And b*reastfeeding? Most frustrating thing I've ever done.

We are finally figuring out this little angel. She likes to eat.

A lot.

So much so that I cannot possibly keep up. We had been supplementing with formula for a couple of feedings each day. That got upped. I'll be honest. I was horribly upset with myself. I really wanted to strictly b*reastfeed this child. But I can't. And after a lot of tears and some encouraging words from my hubs, I've realized I have to do whats best for her. And homegirl has to eat.

So now she eats about every 2 hours. Sometimes she'll surprise you and go 3, even 4, but those times are rare. During the day she naps in the living room and can sleep through anything. About 8 or so, we dim the lights, turn down the tv, get her bathed (a couple nights a week), put her pajamas on, and then have quiet time. We are trying to teach her the difference between night time sleep and day time sleep.

She's still sleeping in her cradle in our room, but I'm not going to lie, I've been known to pull her in the bed with me if I think we both need some good sleep. She'll sleep a good 4 hours with me. I always said I would never co-sleep, but when you're exhausted, you'll do just about anything for some sleep.

This week, Baby Girl has learned how to inch herself where she wants to be. If she's in our bed, she'll push with her feet and slide herself up to where she thinks she should be. If she's laying on us, she'll push with her feet until she is cuddled up to your neck. It's so cute!

We took her on her first walk around the neighborhood. This girl likes to be on the move. She loves car rides. If she doesn't fall asleep, then she just looks around. She stayed awake for her whole walk and just took in the sights. I can't wait to do this daily with her!

She makes the funniest faces when shes hungry. She gets all excited and shakes her head all over the place. It can get frustrating after a while when you're trying to get her to latch on, but its so funny that you can't get mad.

I've almost figured out the difference in her cries. I certainly know hungry! Also, if she thinks shes not getting enough attention, she lets out this high pitched squeal until everyone is looking at her. Its hilarious!

She will still sleep anywhere. She likes her swing, her bouncy chair, loves her Moses basket, and will sleep anywhere that I am. She loves faces. She'll sit and stare at you for a few minutes and just take you in.

Oh I love her..

She took her newborn pictures this week and she was wonderful. I mean, she peed everywhere and also gave the photographer another surprise, but other than that, she was great! We went up to one of my workplaces and showed her off. Of course they all loved her. Any doubt?!

So yea.. this is hard. I'm exhausted, and still really sore down there (*ahem...), but I can't get enough of her. I literally could hold her and stare at her all the time. This little face has turned my world upside down, but I truly cannot imagine life without her now.

Here she is at 2 weeks. Yes, she knows shes gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Again, Congrats on the arrival of your baby girl... You have went through mere hell for this little one and she is only two weeks old!!
PS- the photo of you outside, d*mn, you look great for two weeks post delivery.... AND I love the photo of Baby Girl and Baby Daddy!!


Jennifer said...

She really is gorgeous! I am glad y'all are doing so well!

Sara said...

Congratulations! I've been out of toan and can't comment on my phone very well. She is precious.

Meg said...

Ah, she is so precious!

Sassy Engineer said...

oh my goodness - she is so adorable and precious. I'm glad it sounds like things are going well. Your family is so cute, and i'll keep you in my prayers :)

Annie said...

aw, i'm in love ;)
she is such a precious little doll!!
great to hear everything is going so well!!

d.a.r. said...

She is just beautiful!!!

Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

and how could she not know how gorgeous she is?! Because she IS! I think you summed up week 2 exactly how I would've, if I could've put it into words! Parenting IS tough and I was so naive on what to expect! I did things that I said I would never do to but you know, you just do what it takes! It sounds like you guys are doing great! Love the updates

Grad3 said...


Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Awe, she is beautiful!!! Congratulations! :)

No Longer Newlyweds. said...


I love this post. We have the SAME child, I swear. I know I keep saying that...but, Jude inches around like that AND he sleeps in our bed...but, in his defense, he's sick and I can't bear to have him away from me.

Shaina said...

She is seriously so gorgeous. I love looking at all these photos of her!!! I laughed out loud reading the line about the little "surprise" that she left the photographer. Ha ha ha!!!! Oh well. What can you do! Good thing she's cute, right?! ;)


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