Monday, January 10, 2011

snow day.

For the past few days here in South Carolina, we've heard nothing but news of this "winter storm" headed our way. It was supposed to bring snow here where we live at about midnight last night.

So I laid around last night reading tweets about all the snow my friends were getting and I waited on ours.

I waited til midnight last night but saw nothing.

Then this morning I woke up to a blanket of white!

It's not so exciting to people that don't live in the South, but down here, snow like this is huge! I've seen one big snow in my life. In 1989, Savannah got a huge snowstorm and it was awesome. Pretty much nothing since then except for the small flurries we got last February. When we get snow like this, our towns shut down, so there's no worrying about driving and shoveling our driveways and all the not fun stuff that go with snow.

That's probably why we like it so much!

Mr. Perfect went in to work for a bit this morning, but then decided it would be better to close up shop and come home. I definitely agreed.

After naptime, we bundled BG up in whatever we could find to keep her warm and took her out. She loved the snow!

She got a big kick out of "jumping" in the snow.

My little snow babe..

The rest of our day is currently being spent napping (for the hubs and babe) while I read blogs and drink coffee. Absolute perfection.


Suze said...

BG is sooo precious in the snow, loved the videos! Hope you guys stay warm! Im in SC ! how much snow did y'all get?! we got at least 6 inches + more :)

Ashley Paige said...

i love all her layers! she's so stinking cute! i just want to nom all over those cheeks!! yum!! i keep forgetting to tell you.. i LOVE the header.. it's PERFECT!! :) happy snowday!!!

Annie said...

oh too cute! i love the first video! she really does love the snow! :) glad ya'll are enjoying your snow day!

Karah said...

so cute. I think she likes the snow!! I love her all bundled up, shes looks so precious. :)

Virginia Belle said...

She is so adorable all bundled up in the snow. I'm happy to hear all 3 of you got to enjoy the day together, sounds like a perfect snow day! We are supposed to get a little bit of the snowstorm here in DC, I've got my fingers crosses, but so far nothing!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Love the pics and videos! The little ears on BG's hood are SO cute! Happy snow day!

Emily said...

oh my gosh! How adorable!!! She is just the cutest

Angie said...

Wow, your snow is WAY better and much deeper than ours. I loved the snow yesterday and want more soon :)

Jill said...

that little bear coat KILLS me!


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