Friday, April 29, 2011

history being made.

Say what you will about the insane royal wedding coverage, but this morning history was made.

When I was in middle school, my obsession with the royal family began. I remember writing an essay about how I was going to marry Prince William and be Queen of England.

Well obviously that didn't happen, but since I'm a huge Kate fan, I'll let this one go to her.

Being as how I eat this stuff up and love the whole idea of the British monarchy, I got up at the crack of dawn (3:50 am to be exact) and even got the kiddo up for a bit to see a "common" girl become a a Princess.

She only made it to see Kate walk down the aisle, but she saw the making of a Princess.

Can we talk about what a knockout Pippa Middleton is for a second? For real, what is in these Middleton girls' genes?!

Kate's dress. Swoon. Absolute perfection.

dress: Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

These two? Precious. I wish them nothing but the best. They seem to be truly in love and the best of friends. Cheers to a long, happy future!!


Lauren said...

LOVED everything about it!!!!!!! What a beautiful beautiful couple!!!!!

Cara S. said...

A true life fairytail. Loved Every second of it!!

Hayley said...

I couldnt agree with you more...absolutely stunning!

Megan said...

How fun was it watching it with everyone on Twitter??!! So glad we got to talk about it together! Love this recap

Melanee said...

ditto about pippa. her body is fo real!

The Shabby Princess said...

Love that you got E up to watch it with you--what a sweet memory for you!

I was gonna marry Prince William too. Well, actually, my mom was hoping for Harry since I'm a redhead and all--to which I say "I couldn't wait forever, so, I got married, but, Harry--am willing to reconsider!" Kidding. I think.

I love Kate, she's the perfect princess. And, I would sell a kidney to be a Middleton sister--or, at least just look like them.

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

I think we may have tweeted about this - it's just possible that 2:30 am wakeup time is affecting my memory - but it's so wonderful that you got Ella up to see a bit of history. My guy is too much of a terror to get back to bed, so selfishly I watched in peace with just the Pug.

Also, should I be worried that I continue to tear up reading posts about the wedding some 5 days later now? Yes, I know the answer is yes, but...


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