Thursday, April 19, 2012

a very fairy birthday part 1:details

Months ago, I picked a "Tea for Two" theme for BG's second birthday. I was stoked about it. It was going to be awesome with fancy hats and teacups and dress up clothes.

Then I got realistic and realized it was a party for a two year old. A two year old who runs around like a banshee most of the time. And whose toddler friends would never sit still for my prim and proper tea party.

Plus, I couldn't get my heart into planning it. So I went back to the drawing board.

I really wanted to stay away from "themed" parties for a few more years, but I kept coming back to doing an Abby Cadabby themed party. After a chat with my friend Erin, I realized that I could do more of the fairy theme and a color scheme with some Abby thrown in, than a full on Abby party. Plus like Erin said, I knew my child would be thrilled to see her friend Abby at her party.

So Abby Cadabby it was.

My friend Jess designed the invites for me again this year, and just like every time she does something for me, I loved the final product. I took the picture, emailed it to her, and in no time had this pretty little piece of paper just waiting to be sent to all of BG's friends.

I scaled way down this year from years past and I'm so glad I did. Because in true M form, I waited til the last minute to do most of this stuff. Which is why day of, we ran around like crazy people finishing poms, picking up balloons, and making food. But... it all worked out. And the day was perfection.

So time for some pictures..

The table before. I started the tablecloth last year with the help of my friend Emily who had it monogrammed for me out in Oklahoma. The tradition continued this year and I think it turned out great!


Sweet tea and "fairy" pink punch.


Umm yea. She's spoiled.


Poms (made the morning of, nice), favors for the kiddos, and the birthday banner I made.


Yarn wreath I made. Y'all, that thing was time consuming like whoa. Hats off to you crafty Moms who make those things regularly.

Same shot, different angle.

Abby's Fairy "School", just some writing pads and lots of markers. We also had bubbles, a fairy "castle", and the swingset for the kiddos.

The cupcake toppers and favor tags were ordered from Party On Designs. She was so easy to work with and the items turned out perfect.


The cake was from Publix and the cupcakes from Sams. Both? beyond delicious.

We served just a bunch of "fairy" food (aka, small food) since the party was in the afternoon. My aunt made her delicious cheese spread and my Grandma's cucumber sandwiches and my Dad manned the oven for the rest of the food. They saved me in this department!

As for the birthday girl, she rocked a t-shirt made by Ashley at Pumpkin Butter Kids and a tutu I made. I made the tutu about two months ago and it's definitely looking a little worse for the wear. In fact, I caught my dog sleeping on it last week. Nice. But there was no way I was making a new one and BG loved it, so there's that. It is definitely done for after this day though.

All in all, I couldn't be more pleased with how it all turned out. Thanks so much to everyone who helped! And come back tomorrow for pictures of the birthday girl and her friends.


Lucy Marie said...

Looks like such a great party. I love the table cloth idea ... that's so neat!

Jenna said...

What a fun party!!! All of the details are so cute!

Jenna said...
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Sara said...

Um, yeah, I love the tablecloth. So cute and personal and she'll treasure it one day.

Also, love? the Poof! Ella's two! I'm sure it really does seem that way. :)

Jillian said...

Love the table cloth idea!! And her party was just precious!!! Good job!!

Samantha said...

1. I LOVE the tablecloth idea. I've seen this a couple of times now.

2. I would love to just faceplant into that cake because the icing looks amazing.

Shannon Dew said...

Oh goodness this is just too cute! I am so sad that I have never heard of this tablecloth until this year! I WANT ONE!

Ashley said...

You did such a great job! I love this party idea and all of the details are perfect! The best part of all, though, is that cute party girl herself!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

it turned out SO great! i really do love those colors all together. and i know sweet Ella was just thrilled to have Abby at her party and she got to wear a fairy skirt! :) so so cute. you did a great job with everything!! love it.


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