Thursday, August 30, 2012

just like me.

It's no secret that my little one is her Daddy's twin. From the moment she popped out I have heard "she looks just like her Daddy!" and that has never wavered. There are flashes when she looks a bit like me, but more often than not, those two are twins.

And that's okay with me. Because she's pretty darn adorable and he's pretty cute too. And makes a pretty girl. So there's that.

But I'd be lying if I said that I don't search her face constantly for something of me. I don't usually find it but there's other ways she's like me; we have the same feet, the same birthmark on our thighs, the same thin hair, and the same light eyes.

But more than the physical differences is how much alike we are in personality. And y'all, that part is scary.

We share similar (ie identical) attitudes, stubborn streaks, tempers, and smart mouthedness (just made that a word). It's lead to many, many fights already and I know will bring many more to come.

The older she gets though, the more I'm seeing individual qualities from each of us that are shining through in her and this morning? I saw that hands down, my child got her love of animals from me.

Yep. That would be a baby squirrel. And my kid is in love.

Last night on our run, my friend and I stumbled upon this baby squirrel in the sidewalk headed for the highway. Because I'm a sucker lover of the furry creatures, I couldn't just leave him to get ran over. I knew if I messed with him, there was a possibility the Mama wouldn't come back, so I grabbed a plastic bag (trash in someone's yard) and moved him to the other side of the tree he obviously fell out of, with the hopes his Mom would come back.

Stacy and I continued our run (in the pouring rain natch), and then ran back by to see if he was still there. He was. He was absolutely soaking wet.

Again, because I'm a sucker lover of the furry creatures, I couldn't leave him, so he came home with me.

After getting up every two hours last night to make sure his heating pad was still on, I'm ridiculously excited that a rescue group is coming to get him today. But it was fun for the night.

Also, seeing how excited BG was with him makes the night worth it. Oh, and she named him "Heart" as in "I love you sweetHeart!". Yes I cried as she said that over and over while petting him gently. I love her heart.

Looks like the animal lover gene made it to another generation. This is one way that I am thrilled that she is just like me.

And yes, she got scrubbed down after this. Don't you worry...


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Oh my goodness! The cheeks! The pigtails! That smile! She is absolutely adorable!

If I hadn't birthed my son I would often wonder if I had anything to do with him. He's my husbands mini me to a tee!

Jessie Jones said...

That is beyond precious! I love it!

Charise said...

She is stinkin adorable with that baby squirrell! Her pigtails are out of this world cute!!!

Erica said...

This made my day. I'm a huge animal lover, and seeing it in a child's eyes like that is just so amazing to me. What a beautiful little heart your girl has.

Kara said...

She is sooo cute! Love the pigtails!

Katie said...

I am seriously dying at these pictures!! She could NOT be any cuter if she tried!!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

This melts MY heart so I can't even imagine how much you were loving this. Too sweet.

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Be still my heart . . . not only can I completely relate to this, having given birth to my husband's mini-twin, but what a trait to pass along to your wee E. What a wonderful gift to give, and I'm not just saying that as one from a long line of animal lovers myself.


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