Monday, February 18, 2013

mark it down: a first

Last month when I heard the circus was coming to town, I got a bit giddy.

I absolutely loved the circus as a kid. It was amazing. It was big and loud and there were all these animals and trapeze artists and guys jumping through fire. So much to see and take in. I loved going.

So obviously when I heard the circus was coming to town, I immediately purchased tickets for the three of us to go. It was going to be a Valentine's Day present of sorts from me to Mr. P and BG. I just knew she would love it.

And if it had been the circus in my head, I just know she would have.

This circus was a bit different though. I guess I should have read a bit more about it but this was one called "Fully Charged" and had more of just people doing different tricks. It was also a one ring circus; scaled down a ton from the 3 ring circuses I remember from being a kid.

Mr. P and I really enjoyed it but BG? well she spent most of the time perfecting her "Mackayla Maroney is not impressed" face.

She perked up a bit at the dog exhibit (dogs?! where are the lions and tigers?!), and she enjoyed the elephants but... let's just say we'll wait a few years before taking her again.

Next time I'll be sure to pick the show with more animals. Or Mr. P and I will go alone.

She had fun though. I think she just enjoyed being out and doing something special with her Dad and I. Next time, we're just going to the zoo. That's a bit more my little animal lovers speed.


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

hehe, what a fun memory though! :) we kept talking about taking our littles too when a deal came out on one of the deal sites, we may just stick to the zoo for now too! :)

Holly said...

Or you can take me next time! haha

BG is precious!

Erin said...

I wanted to take Jackson to the circus this year but it just snuck up on me! Love seeing y'alls trip!

lg2006 said...

This sounds alot like our trip to the circus! We went this year too and I had not been in like 30 years! Ours didnt have those neat camels, in fact it barely had animals! It was more acrobatics, and sword fighting and motorcycles! We were all unimpressed! Peebs liked the dog part too tho! ha

Samma said...

HA! Love the not immersed face. I am so excited to get a zoo membership and start hitting that up soon.


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