Tuesday, March 19, 2013

st. patrick's day 2013

Photo overload to commence now. You've been warned.

I have written about my love for St. Patrick's Day more than once on this here blog. I could easily shout from the rooftops the joy the day brings me, but I won't. Instead I will overwhelm you with lots of pictures of lots of green and tons of fun.


This was the first year Mr. P was able to go down to Savannah with the little and I. I warned him time and time again "now you know we leave by 7, so we're getting up at 5:30 am right?!" and over and over again he told me he was up for it. He's the far more laid back of the two of us and this kind of thing isn't usually his scene so I was worried he would absolutely hate it.

I should have known better. How could one hate St. Patrick's Day in Savannah?!

Just as I promised, we were up before the sun (well I was, I did have to drag him and BG out of bed). We packed up and headed to our best friends' house where we were met with our Bailey's and coffee (tradition duh) before we all loaded up to head downtown.

One of our crew had ended up camping out the night before to reserve our spots and they were the exact same ones we've had for three years in a row now. Absolute prime "real estate". In no time we had all the foods and drinks set up and everyone made themselves right at home with breakfast sliders, muffins, and yes, beer. So what if it wasn't yet 8 am?!

I took Mr. P and the little on a little walk to check out the sites as well as speak to a few other friends. I think he was genuinely surprised at how calm and laid back it was. There is no way to describe this day. Savannah is the perfect host city and the day is perfection. Seriously, favorite day of the year.

Eventually the parade began and the kiddos sidled up with my bff's mother in law to watch the festivities. Overpriced trumpets quickly added to their joy (and the noise) as they squeaked and squawked at everyone that walked by. BG quickly made friends with KP's sister in law and the newest baby to join our crew and spent half the parade oohing and ahhing over him. Girl loves her a baby.

Other than a two mile jaunt across town, through the crazy college section, ending at a location where the person we were to meet was no longer at, I have zero complaints on the day. My child even got to pee in Pinkie Master's Lounge, a Savannah legend, while also spending a quick second dancing on the bar with a NYC cop in a kilt. Can you say day made?!

We'll let it slide that I had a two year old in a bar.

We ended the day out on Tybee Island at mine and Mr. P's favorite seafood restaurant, The Crab Shack, where we ate our little hearts out and soaked in the last few hours of the day. The girls were spent so they spent most of dinner checking out the gators with RP which left the rest of us to enjoy a dinner with lots of conversation and laughs far less interrupted than our usual dinners with our toddlers.

It's not often that I'm homesick for Savannah these days, but I have to admit, returning home after this day is a bit hard on my heart strings. I love my people. I love my hometown. And this day with some of my favorite people is one of my most looked forward to days of the year. I honestly can't even explain it. I just freaking love it.

I'm already so ready for next year.


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

These are fantastic photos! Such wonderful memories. I'm so glad it is your tradition to be there each year no matter what! :)

The Macons said...

Looks like a blast! I love Savannah and St. Pats and pretty much any holiday that warrants a parade (and morning beer;))!


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