Tuesday, June 18, 2013

for my two favorite dads.

I know. I'm late. But I didn't want to let the day (month?) go by without giving a little shout out to my two favorite Dads.

I don't have any cute pictures because my life is currently chaos as we are moving and my computer with all my pictures is packed and heck, even my presents and cards I got for the two of them are packed, so all I have today is words.

I have the luckiest daughter in the world because she will never, not once, not for a day doubt how much her Daddy loves her. Mr. P is hands down, one of the best fathers I have ever laid eyes on. Babe, our girl is the most blessed little girl ever. The way she lights up when you walk into a room speaks volumes to how you parent her. The fact that you "date" her and make her a priority will do wonders for her in life. More than you can even imagine. Thank you for guiding our family. For being the spiritual leader. For praying with her. For taking her to church. You're giving her a great foundation for her future. I can't wait to see what kind of lady she turns out to be. She's going to be so amazing.

To my Dad. I'm so lucky to look back on a life of great memories with you. One of my favorites is sitting in a warm up circle with the rest of my team, getting ready for that days soccer practice, watching you as you dribbled a ball around and waited on us to get ready to start. You knew that we wouldn't get anything done until we had all gossiped about the days events. I actually loved how in sync you were with me and my friends. I so appreciate all that time you spent investing in my life. You showed me what a good father/daughter relationship looked like and I am so thankful for that. And I know how lucky how I am.

There are so many girls who aren't lucky enough to have a great relationship with their Dads. Too many. Baby Girl and I are beyond blessed to not be in that category. We hit the jackpot with our fathers.

Happy Father's Day you two. I love you both more than the world.

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Jen McCrady said...

so sweet :) but just thought you should know that your whole post is striked (stroked?) through :)


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