Tuesday, July 9, 2013

tidbits of her.

Age three is quite the age.

There are certainly lows (the tantrums, the attitude, the back talk, the... on and on and on) but there are also so many highs. So, so many.

Her little personality shows through a little bit more everyday. And who she is becoming kind of rocks.

My favorite Disney movie is the Fox and the Hound. Which also happens to be just about the saddest movie ever. Which I don't think I realized but good grief, that thing is sad. Currently that movie is also BG's favorite movie. So we've been watching it on just about repeat lately. It's rare that she actually sits down and watches but this morning she sat down with her breakfast to watch.

I ran upstairs to get dressed while she watched the part where the lady drops the fox off at the game preserve. All of a sudden I heard a bunch of "ahh"s over and over in the saddest little voice ever. I peeked down the stairs just in time to hear her call "Mom! That lady left that fox on the road! In the rain!". As I started to explain why she had to do that, she turned to me with tear filled eyes and I quickly felt mine well up as well.

Her heart is good as gold. I'm loving the person she is becoming. I'm loving that she cares.

Now if we could just tone down the sass and keep the big 'ol heart.

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I loved this....because I can soooo relate :) they are so dang sweet. And so dang attitudey. I find it comes in waves. We'll have REALLY hard weeks...and then she'll be AWESOME for a long time. So weird. But also, so glad for the awesome parts. BG Is soooo lovely :)


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