Wednesday, October 16, 2013

words. and such.

I am bound and determined to get over here more often. To write about life a bit more. I try to do a yearly book for each year for E. I know I should do one for our family as well, but being as how I have one done for E and she's 4, I'm going to have to backburner that one. I really should get hers caught up.

The point, I use this blog to remember what happened back then. So when working on her book, I can look back. Hopefully I'll be catching up around here soon. Don't worry, I'll archive it all. You won't get blasted with tons of old pictures. Lucky y'all ;)

Work is busy. But it will always be. And if it's not, then I'm not doing something right. So I'm glad it's busy. The whole working with the husband the best friends and all that has gotten better. MUCH better. I think we've all figured out a bit of a balance on how to have work and a home life. It's been much better.

BG is doing AMAZING in school. She stays on "green" most of the time. It's this new behavior chart that her school has started and it seems to work. She's pretty stoked with herself when she stays on green and knows it's not good if she gets on yellow or red. So she works pretty hard to stay on green. I'm proud of her for thinking about her actions. She needs to do a lot more of it, (truth) but she's learning.

Three is a really hard age. The tempers and the attitude are fierce. But oh my stars this age is hi-freaking-larious. The things she says and does daily absolutely kill me. She's emphatic about what she wears, how her hair is done, what she eats. She's completely a little person with a complete mind of her own. Maybe because I wasn't around a lot of younger kids growing up, but I never expected a three year old to be just such a cool person. I never expected she'd already be digging out her own clothes each morning, cleaning her own room, putting up her own dishes, getting her own water and snacks from the fridge; I'm rambling. I just love my kid.

The hubs and I are finding ways to make date night at home again. Hands down, I miss having a baby sitter next door back in Florence more than anything. We've found an amazing sitter here in Charlotte so we've gotten lucky there, it's just harder to plan last minute dinners when you can't drop your kid off at her grandparents next door. So we're getting good at at home date nights. It's been fun.

This is probably the most boring post ever but it's what we're up too. We're settling in nicely here. Things are good.

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A.B. said...

love it. love at home. desire g-parents next door. XOXO


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