Thursday, November 14, 2013

things that make us "us"

I think there are unique things that make each person who they are. Which is awesome because truth be told, it would be pretty boring out there if we were all alike.

Same goes for each family. I think there are little quirks, little day to day activities that make each family unique. Which is awesome. I also kind of love hearing the different things/traditions/rituals that each family have. Maybe I'm nosey (I totally am) but I love it. I love hearing bits of what makes up people.

These days my little family of three has settled into this nice little routine. There are things that happen daily that are different, probably downright odd to other people but they make us who we are. It's just part of us. It's part of what makes us a family.

Every morning Mr. P goes to work early. Like really early. So it's always me and the little in the morning. Sometimes she wakes up when he does and if that happens, he moves her into bed with me nine times out of ten. On the mornings he doesn't, I always wake up before her and move to her bed with her for a bit. We snuggle for a while before it's time to get up. I can't think of a better way to start my day.

If it's E and I in the car; the music is on and LOUD. If I turn it down, she wants it back up. She gets it from her Mama. If it's E and Mr. P; it's conversation. And lots of it. They are talkers. I am not. I love that she adapts to whichever parent she's with.

We eat out a lot. Like a lot, a lot. We're working on it. But we've eaten out so much with our kid that she now asks "where are we going for dinner?" instead of "what's for dinner?". She's also a restaurant champ. She gets to watch Netflix on her phone til the food comes while Mr. P and I chat about our days, then when the food comes, the show goes off and we eat and talk as a family. It's routine. It's fun.

Sometimes I let E sleep really late in the morning. It's good for me to have peace and quiet and sometimes I know she's tired so I let her sleep. On those mornings, she eats breakfast in the car on the way to school. I should feel guilty about that. I don't.

E has show and tell on Thursdays. Every Thursday. Most Thursdays I forget. Most Thursdays she throws me under the bus right in front of her teacher when I pick her up. "Mom! You forgot my show and tell item again!". She knows her days of the week. I really think she does this on purpose..... I didn't forget today.

Every night before bed, I tickle E. Hard. Like til she can't breathe. Mr. P tells me every night that this is the opposite of settling her down. I don't care. He really doesn't either. We can't get enough of that laugh.

E has started telling us "you always do that" when we do something dumb. It's like having a tiny teacher around all. the. time.

On Fridays we eat pizza. We also have tried to instill family movie night. Most of the time though, we put the little to bed at 7 on the dot like the rest of the week. Because let's be honest; by Friday? Mom and Dad are tired. Kids got to go to bed.

Saturdays we have ballet. E dances while I work out and Mr. P gets a few girl free hours.

We like to laugh. A lot. Most of the time at one of our expenses. It's true. Someone is always being ganged up on. I need a boy. He'll be on my side. ;)

The older E gets, the sweeter she gets. She likes to be carried and sit on our laps more now than ever. I should be ripped from carrying her 40 pounds around. I'm not.

Every morning E eats while I get ready. Every morning she plays around and when I holler down for her to come brush her teeth, she hollers back "but I'm trying to eat!" and every morning I tell her to come brush anyway and go back and finish. It's like clockwork. I laugh every morning because I know it's coming. She always comes.

E gets mad at Lacy no less than five times a day for breathing on her. They are the same height. It's not going to stop.

Dragon Tales is basically the soundtrack to our lives. I get mad daily for how much it's on.

Mr. P can't handle whining. I can tune it out like a champ. I can't handle incessant chatter. He can tune that out like a champ. We tag out a lot.

E and I daily fight over her hair. She never wants it how I want it. I usually win. It's my hands doing the work.

I have a problem with shopping. Mr. P gets home first in the afternoon and always finds my packages. Usually I tell him I "won it from the blog" somehow. But then I quit blogging as much and the packages kept coming. Pretty sure he's on to me... ;)

Our house is a three ring circus most days. Someone gets mad daily. Usually at least one set of tears is had (usually E's). But there is so much laughter. So much good. I love us. As crazy as we are, I can't get enough.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Am totally doing a post like this today :) xo

Jen said...

I would so fit in with y'all. Friday night pizza? Check. Laughter and tears? Check.check. Breakfast in the car? Check. But I'm with mr p on the whining!!


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