Friday, November 18, 2016

happy birthday coopy!

Our sweet boy is TWO!!!

Oh Coopy, you have wrecked our world in the best possible way. You are every bit a wild, little boy, but you are also, hands down, the sweetest kid I know. You love, love, love your Mommy, but dare I say, you are probably more a Daddy's boy at the moment? You light up when Dada comes home. And you adore your sister though you are definitely getting to the age where you are giving her a hard time more than you are not.

You still love to be rocked to sleep every night and I truly hope that doesn't ever change. You no longer fall asleep til we lay you down, but you love to snuggle and rock. You also love to read a book before bed. Your current favorite is the Pete the Cat bed time book. Pretty sure I have it memorized.

You love to wrestle. You love to be outside. It's hands down your favorite place to be and you run straight to the backyard every day when we get home.

You love Elmo. You are very much a paci addict. You love your blankie.

You're still such a little guy. You still have blond hair (no idea how) and blue eyes. You wear a 2t but they are pretty big on you. You can still wear some 18 & 24 month clothes. You are in a size 5 diaper and a size 5 shoe.

Your nicknames are Coopy, Coop-a-loop, Coop and Buddy. Your favorite song is still Adele's "Hello" and you belt it at the top of your lungs. You like to sing any song really. Your favorite nursery song is "If You're Happy and You Know It".

You've recently started climbing which I could do without. But you're also still pretty timid. Especially of slides and stuff. I've crawled into many a Chick-fil-A play place to get you. Good times.

You still cry whenever we drop you off at school or church. I don't think it will ever stop breaking my heart. I'm sure you stop the minute we leave but it doesn't make it any easier.

You are not a sweets eater. You love all kinds of meat. You eat more chicken in a sitting than anyone else in the family. You love milk. You love snacks and we can usually find you digging for one in the pantry if you go missing.

You like to dance and laugh. You will throw yourself on anyone sitting on the floor. You love Lacy and love to boss her around. You say so many words and so many sentences. You talk a mile a minute. You and your sister are always competing for air time.

My favorite thing you do is how you call out everyone you love while we're riding in the car. Our dialogue goes like this: Coop: "I love Mommy!" Me: "I love Coopy!" Coop: "I love Dada!" Me: "I love Dada" Coop: "I love Ella!" Me: "I love Ella!". And so on and so forth until you usually erupt into giggles.

We love you so much boy child. You are pure joy. You are sweet and kind and timid and so much good in one tiny little package. You are definitely are introvert and your favorite place is home with your people. You need your sleep far more than your sister and I find we have to slow down with you and I secretly love it. I love how you are a reminder to rest.

You were the boy I never knew I wanted. You've changed my world and my heart and I love you more than I can even say. Happy Birthday my darling boy.

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