Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy, busy, busy.. but oh so tired!!

So.. there's actually A LOT going on in our little household right now, but none that I feel like going into right now. But fear not blog lovers-- I will share and share plenty soon!! Just hold out for me k? K. Good.

This week we FINALLY took our Christmas card picture. We got all dressed up (well we got dressed! That's good right?!?), got the camera set up, found the cat, then let the dogs in to take out family picture. We no sooner knelt down and cozied up by the tree before we realized that all 3 of the dogs STUNK! When I say that I mean it in the most literal sense of the word... Like something crawled on them and died. Absolutely gag worthy stench. I didn't want to touch them... let alone hold them down. And you have to hold them down. It's actually so bad that last year I drugged them all with Benadryl just to get a decent picture. The whole time Mr. Perfect and I are struggling with the dogs and trying to find some air to breathe, the self timer is clicking away...
We didn't make it much past this. Plus if you notice we'd lost the cat and Lacy & Duke (the two I have) were NOT cooperating!! So we decided to have my aunt come over after church today and try again... I however couldn't even muster the energy or desire to put on real clothes, so we're in our pajamas =) I guess that's more true to form for us anyway!! So here's our Christmas card in all it's glory!! Well the picture for it anyway.. I guess half it's glory... =)

I actually got bit by the cat right after this. This was also the last of the 12 photos we took. Thank goodness because I dropkicked the cat to Kansas after this. (Not really!! But golly I wanted to!)

We had a group of children from a home in Florida come sing for us today in church. They're from the Hope House which has children ages 2-19 living there. These kids are not orphans, just children whose parents no longer were capable or no longer wanted the responsibility of raising children. It broke my heart to hear some of their stories. And it brought to the forefront of my mind the adoption topic again. Mr. Perfect and his brother are actually adopted and adoption is something we both feel strongly led to do. Especially with our past miscarriages. But even before that. We've looked into it before but honestly we just get overwhelmed even thinking about where to start. I feel like we haven't really gotten good information and we don't know anyone personally (besides his parents and that was a long time ago) that has gone through adoption. We're just getting our feet wet (I hate that expression!!) with all the information so we'll see what the future holds...


Mr. Perfect has surprised me with the best Christmas present EVER!! We're jetting off to only my most favoritest city in the world for Christmas--- New York!!!!! I couldn't BE any more excited! (Emphasis on the be.. what tv character am I talking like?) I've actually never been to NY but I'm fascinated by her. Her energy, diversity, the fashion, the people.. I could go on for days!!! We leave on Christmas Eve and we'll be there for 4 days!! I'm already mapping out the itinerary. Which has way too much on it for just 4 days. We're simply going to have to go again!!


Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you're ready because it's right around the corner!

P.S.- My dogs still stink!!! Anyone want to come bathe them for me?!? I just can't
do it....

Is it P.P.S or P.S.S? Whatever. The character was Chandler from Friends... Another great show based in a great city.... I'm in love...

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Anonymous said...

I hope you have fun in NYC! My hubby and I are going next December. It seems like eons away, but I wanted to go on a cruise first :) I think it's the perfect time to go though. Central park, Rockefeller Cmas tree, etc... Stay warm & safe!


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