Thursday, December 4, 2008

All over the place.. cuz that's how I do...

Ok.. so first and foremost.. Check out the new link on my sidebar. Yea that one! The blue one with the camera. So I know I've mentioned her before and once again MckMamma is up to something amazing!! Go to her blog for full details, but the short story is you can win this amazing camera/accesorries by buying a raffle ticket off her site. It all goes to raise money for String of Pearls an organization that helps parents of babies that have been fatally diagnosed. The raffle is also going to help out with adoption organizations that work with couples that are interested in adopting children with special needs.. So seriously you should check it out. It's the holidays too, all the more reason to give, give, give!!


So how was your Thanksgiving? Mine should've been great. You know with my brother, The Marine, coming home for a visit and all. Good friends, good food, my family.. what could go wrong?! Plenty you say?! Well plenty would be right!! I was driving home from work on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and called my brother to see about what time he thought him and the parentals might be getting into town tomorrow. I was so excited! Mr. Perfect and I had been grocery shopping the night before, had planned the meal (ok if you know me you know I had nothing to do with EITHER of those!! It was all him!), and we were stoked to be having family over. So imagine my surprise when the Marine drops a bombshell-- they are no longer coming. I was livid. There was really no good reason. He said he just didn't feel like dealing with everything. Now before I seem heartless, I do get that he just go back from Iraq, and I do get that it tends to mess with their heads, but I don't really believe that's whats going on here. I guess it just really hurt my feelings that my brother decided not to come. And then didn't even call!!! But the kicker was, since he was no longer coming, my parents didn't even come! What am I?!? Chopped liver?!? UGH!! But I digress..


So needless to say there was no oyster roast which meant no drama for me. So yay! I did get Mr. Perfect to go out to the tree farm (right.. I live in Savannah! It's like 20 trees on the side of White Bluff!) on Thanksgiving to get our tree and I did decorate it that nite!! So my house is all festive and fun! I do so love the holidays.... Everything is great at our little home. I've been super cranky lately though. I need to be smacked. I've been super short with the dogs and cat and now Mr. Perfect is sick and I'm aggravated about it. I think I'm just tired.. I'm going to get off this thing now and check on the sick hubby =) I'll leave you with some pics of our Thanksgiving..

Mr. Perfect and my Papa frying up the turkey..

I know.. I live in paradise...


My sweetie little Grandma.. Isn't she precious?!?


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Anonymous said...

That does look like paradise! And your grandparents are adorable ;)


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