Monday, July 26, 2010

everybody loves Baby Girl...

A couple of weeks ago (why do all of posts begin with that? Am I seriously that far behind?!), Mr. Perfect's parents came down to hang out with us.

Who am I kidding? They only came to see Baby Girl.

Of course it took about two seconds for her to have the cooing and crawling on the floor with her.

She has that effect on people.

BG and her Pa-Pa

Granny and BG playing in her bouncer..

Yea they're entertaining her with the bar off her bouncy seat.. Whatever works!

Baby Girl loved her weekend with her Granny and Pa-Pa. She can't wait for them to come down and spoil love on her some more!


Carrie said...

She is sooooo precious!

Hayley said...

There is nothing like Grandparents love!!!

Hayley said...

Oh and PS. 'Mielies' is corn on the cob...its an Afrikaans word. That's one of the languages we speak down here.
But everyone (no matter what language you speak) call it a 'Mielie'....its pronounced: me-lee


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