Thursday, July 29, 2010

a visit with Aunt Texas

My Aunt from Texas came down last week to visit with the fam. It was so good to see her and hang out with her a bit. Of all my aunts, I am by far closest to this one. She might be the one in my family that thinks the most like me. I was super stoked to finally get to introduce her to my sweet girl.

Of course Baby Girl was on her best behavior for her Aunt Texas. I love that sweet girl.

She started to get a little fussy, but Aunt Texas was all over it. She was out in about five minutes..

After church one night, we stopped by the grandparents to hang out with Aunt T again. While there, BG showed off one of her newest tricks; she's just starting to be aware of her feet. She doesn't grab them yet, but is becoming aware that there's something down there.

I love this picture!

Over the weekend while she was here, Uncle Marine managed to come down as well. There was definitely enough family around to keep BG entertained for hours.

Uncle Marine had a wedding to go to and actually had to put real clothes on. I figured I should document the occasion since it basically never happens.

The next day, all of us that were in town got together for lunch. And the much looked forward to (dripping with sarcasm..) family picture.

Last Tuesday while Aunt Texas was still here, BG and I went with her, my other aunt, and my Granddad, down to the historic district in town to do some of the tourist stuff.

It was beyond hot. BG was not a fan.

Neither was this girl.

We drove out to the beach to go to one of the historic forts in town. I pulled out the infant carrier for the first time since BG gets so hot in the stroller. Well, and because I was over pushing the stroller.

As is par for the course with my child, BG didn't want to sit the way a "baby" sits. So I had to flip her around to be able to look at. She was good as gold once she could see. I think she's a history buff like her Mama..

After about twenty minutes of walking in the heat around Hell the fort, (seriously, so hot), BG was over it. She lost it. I could not get out of that fort fast enough. My Aunt P and I went and got the car where we drove around til she conked out.

This is her "What?! That wasn't me that just threw a Texas sized meltdown and screamed over the tour guide so that the tourists gave my Mom multiple dirty looks" face.

That night we all went out to eat for Aunt Texas' last night in town. It sucks that she lives so far away, but it does make for a really fun visit when she comes to town. We can't wait to see her again!


Kara said...

LOL at the heat, I am looking forward to fall weather and pumpkin patches!

Muffy said...

OMG. That baby is too much. When can I come babysit? HA! Seriously. I'm blog stalking your baby. (I don't even LIKE babies!)You have one cute kid.

Anonymous said...
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