Saturday, July 16, 2011


Yesterday our sitter had to go to a funeral so BG ended up staying home with her Daddy all day. It actually worked out perfectly because she got sent home Thursday with a small fever and was not herself when she woke up on Friday.

I came home for lunch to find Mr. P and BG packing up to head to Zaxby's for lunch together. Unfortunately I checked her temp and found it to be 102.7 and put the ax to their plans. Mean Mama. But it made my heart swell to come home to see him getting ready to take his little girl out for some one on one time.

Apparently she was a little doll for him all day. She obviously didn't feel well so she was a bit more whiny than usual, but she napped well and cuddled with him so all in all they had a good day.

Today was my day.

The little slept til nine and so did her Mama. Thank goodness we slept that long because that was the last shut eye she would get that day.

We had eggs for breakfast and watched some tv together. After a while, we moved to her room to get dressed and play with blocks and her stuffed animals. About eleven thirty, she started rubbing her eyes and I put her down for a nap.

Three hours later and multiple screams including her following me to the bathroom screaming "Mama! Mama!", I admitted defeat and decided we would head out to check out the new splash pad here in town.

A friend (yes, you read that right! I have a friend in this town finally!!) works at the Y a few hours a week and she was working today, so we rode up there to check it all out.

We were there a grand total of about five minutes before some little girl came up to BG and wanted to walk around with her. They walked hand in hand for a few minutes before I realized that the little girl was quickly walking BG into the 2ft deep section. I made it to the pool just as my child went under. Thank goodness I have a water baby because she was up and storming out in two seconds. She was NOT impressed. Needless to say we headed to the opposite end of the pool as the obnoxious little girl.

BG wasn't in the best mood (near drowning and no naps will do that to a kid), so she wasn't her typical happy go lucky self, but it didn't take long for her to take off running and own that splash pad. She especially liked standing over the jets of water and making them spray me in the face. Super fun right?

We stayed out there for a while. The way it's set up, you kind of have to go in if you have a child BG's age and this girl did not dress for that. Fail. So BG had to kind of stick near the edge. Thankfully she was sort of tame today or I would have been soaked from going in after her.

I think she loved it. After about an hour, she walked to our chair, got her cup, and headed for the door. I took that as her cue that splash pad time was done son. We stopped by the front desk to talk with J (my friend) for a bit where BG entertained the staff and ate a ton of animal crackers.

Successful day no? I know where we'll be spending lots of days in the near future!


Ashley said...

So much fun! We also have a splash pad at our Y that I can't wait to take David to. Perfect for that age! And I'm glad y'all got to sleep late! : )

Tiff said...

I hate we missed it! Looks like y'all had a blast! T will totally have me soaking wet. Glad you scoped it out for us! :)

lg2006 said...

I am about to set out for a splash pad STAT. That sounds like so much fun! I guess it will be better when peebs can walk tho! ha So glad you made a new friend! Moving is hard!


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