Wednesday, July 6, 2011

our Fourth

Mr. P and I had big plans to spend the Fourth up in DC with my family, but unfortunately those fell through and we ended up just staying in small town SC. However, we packed our weekend with as much fun as we could find in the area.

We headed to church on Sunday in our Fourth of July best. Someone (of course) didn't nap during church so we had to pick up food on the way home since someone passed out in the car.

Of course the minute we got home, she was wired and up for the rest of the afternoon.

Don't you just love that fierce rug burn on her nose? Poor baby.

Sunday night, we drove over to one of the church's here in town that was having a huge fireworks show. Clearly we underestimated the crowd that would be at this thing. It was packed. Like for miles. No biggie, we pulled the truck up on a curb and watched from the back. We had to shut ourselves in with the tailgate to keep a certain wild child from playing in traffic. Fun right?

She was none too impressed with us keeping her in the truck.

I would say she had pretty minimal interest in the fireworks. Possibly because they were pretty far away and you couldn't really hear them. Possibly because she's a wild child that doesn't do good in confined space. Whatever.

Blurry, but I LOVE this face!

Can you see the little finger pointing?

We made it home and gave the super sweaty toddler a good bath before bed. She was up late, but was such a trooper. We slept late the next day. Especially the Mom who slept til 12:30 (I love my husband). We lazed around all afternoon and then headed into Greenville for the Red, White, and Blue Festival.

It was packed. Somehow we ended up across the street from the park where the "young" (read: bad) kids were. Fun right. Fortunately we managed to squeeze in on a corner with a bunch of other families to see the show.

Beside the fact that BG had a meltdown over me not letting her go home with someone else's dog, the crowds being way more than the Mister is cool with, and Starbucks closed before I could get a drink, we had a great time. We were so close to these fireworks that BG jumped on the first shot and paid attention for a good two minutes. Success!

BG was actually pretty interested in these for a while. She watched, jumped, giggled, and carried on. Eventually she decided to just entertain the crowd around us though. They loved her. Seriously, not a shy bone in this kid.

We had such a good weekend. Getting out and into these things with huge crowds is so not Mr. P's thing, but I keep telling him we have to get out there and do these things with her. So we do. And we both get such a kick out of seeing her experience these things. Such a fun weekend.

He's really going to love it when I tell him the next thing we have to "experience" is Sesame Street Live. ;)


Amanda said...

She is so CUTE! I love her little "shocked" face. I'm glad y'all enjoyed the 4th even though you weren't with the fam! G passed out before the fireworks :( ...There's always next year!

Tiff said...

I'm guessing yall went to Newsprings? We were going to go, but then last minute decided the Dike in Clemson. It was so nice.. And not crowded! :)

Lauren said...

Awwww, sounds like a wonderful weekend. Love the pics :)

Ashley said...

She is such a cutie!! I just wanna squeeze those cheeks. And I love the bow in her hair. Sounds like fun even though you didn't get to travel!

Brittany said...

Coming from J's J.

I read your story and I want you to know that I have also suffered 2 miscarriages and now have 2 miracle babies:) Ella is precious! Can't wait to follow your journey:)

lg2006 said...

Those are some great pics! Glad you guys had a good 4th!

Unknown said...

That picture of her and Mr. P is to die for...I LOVE her face in it!


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