Monday, September 9, 2013


So my baby started another year of school.

Why oh why does she insist on growing so incredibly fast?!?

My girl loves school. LOVES it. And prefers to go to school over much else. So drop off was easy. I didn't expect anything different.

She loves her friends, loves her teacher, loves learning. It's so good for her.

She doesn't love naps but it is what it is. While the other kids nap, she gets one on one time with her teacher working on other lessons. It works. She comes home absolutely flat exhausted, but, what are you gonna do?

I can't believe how much she's grown in a year. She's gotten so tall and has thinned out so much. And her hair is finally growing. It took forever, but was worth the wait.

PicMonkey Collage

I've been trying to get E to let me do an "interview" of sorts to post on here about what she likes at 3, but she's having none of that mess. So I wrote her answers down here. It's more for us to just look back at one day.

Interview With A Toddler:

Favorite color: pink and purple
Favorite sport: soccer
Best friend: Lacy
Favorite food: Pizza and applesauce (though I think that's just because that's what she was eating at the time. It's probably more like cheeseburger)
Favorite clothes: a dress
Favorite TV show: Dora (though this should probably be Dragon Tales
Favorite movie: The Dora & Diego movie
Favorite song: Call Me Maybe

Here's to another year. Let's do this kiddo.


Maydelin said...

She is Getting SO big and Beautiful!!!

Ashley Paige said...

i love her! and as much as i love comparison photos, these make my heart hurt. they grow up so much in just a year- and sometimes you don't notice it all until it slaps you in the face with a comparison photo. SLOW DOWN BABIES.

Steph said...

I can't believe how much taller she looks this year! And the older she gets, the more she's looking like you!


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