Tuesday, September 3, 2013

tales from the road.

If you would have told me that one day I would be on the road every single day as a sales person, I would have laughed in your face. And if you would have added that I would be doing those sales for the construction industry? Ha. But here we are.

I actually love my job though. While it can get old being in the car 9 hours a day, it can actually be kind of fun.

I've managed to broaden my already extensive knowledge of music. I hear A LOT. I still love classic rock and I still hate Justin Beiber. That hasn't changed.

I've learned that you should ALWAYS pick a department store bathroom over a gas station bathroom. ALWAYS. Kohl's has great ones but they're all the way in the back nine times out of ten. Lowe's is my favorite and they're right up front.

Also, I now have an extensive knowledge of bathrooms.

You will learn to become a public p**per. That's all I'll say about that.

QT is the Holy Land of gas stations. If you pass one, stop. ALWAYS. Their coffee? I hear angels sing. And $1.72 is my jam. Much better priced than Starbucks. Plus? nicest cashiers you'll find at a gas station.

When in a new town, eat lunch at a local place. It's fun. And fast food is gross and gets old. And try new food. It's good.

You will gain weight. You better find a hobby that involves lots of calorie burning to counteract the flattening of the buttocks from being in the car all day. Truth.

While in new towns, check out local shops. I have found awesome new soaps, amazing clothes, and so many other cool things that I never would have found if I never ventured into the cool little boutiques small towns have to offer.

Never answer your phone if the boss should call while you're in those shops. ;)

I kid. I would NEVER. That's lunch hour.


You will spend a ridiculous amount of time on the phone. Find some entertaining friends to tell you funny stories on those long, boring drives.

Gas is overpriced. It will piss you off every single time you fill up.

You will probably still hate salespeople. I still cannot stand when someone tries to sell me something. My best friend (and coworker) is always quick to defend saying ("they're ONE OF US MEGAN") but I'm not buying it. I'm not pushy. They are.

You have a lot of free time. Free time in which lists like this are born. It is what it is.


Ben Dial said...

Sounds fun!

Ben Dial said...

Sounds fun!-Kara

Jessie Jones said...

Ahhhh road life! I'm not sure I could ever do it! Love your adventures though!


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