Monday, June 9, 2014

16 weeks

How Far Along? 16

Total Weight Gained/Loss? no idea. I don't want to know.

Maternity Clothes: shirts, yes, since about the second that plus sign showed up. Pants, no, but none of them are buttoned.. shh..

Sleep? I. Am. Exhausted. My sleep has been crap lately so I think that's had something to do with it. I've become a big fan of the afternoon car nap.

Best Moment of the Week? Just making it another week.

Movement- a little...

Food Craving- all the cold things. Especially ice water (in styrofoam cups please)

Food aversions- seafood, chicken, most everything. I'm still at the point where nothing sounds good. Ever.

Morning sickness?- not since about week 13. The headaches are in full force though.

Gender- In 3 weeks or so. Unless I break down and do the early ultrasound thing.

Labor Signs- none.

Belly Button- in and huge. Like crater size.

What I miss- my pants fitting. I really need maternity clothes.

What I'm looking forward to- appt this week!

Big Sister Status- still 100% convinced baby is a girl. She is going to be one sad panda if it isn't....


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