Monday, June 30, 2014

19 weeks

How Far Along? 19 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? next.

Maternity Clothes: yep. all the maternity clothes.

Sleep? I'm tired but starting to feel better. It's a bit easier to sleep right now than it has been.

Best Moment of the Week? we had a really good appt with a specialist this past week. Baby Boy looks really, really good.

Movement- Picking up a bit. From our last appt it seems Baby Boy is head down and kicking inwards so I still don't feel many sharp jabs. I did feel a few definite kicks the other night. That was fun.

Food Craving- all the cold things. Ice.

Food aversions- shrimp, chicken wings, same old same old

Morning sickness?- nope

Gender- a sweet, baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!

Labor Signs- nothing this week.

Belly Button- shallowing out already :(

What I miss- this week I've got nothing. It's been a pretty smooth week.

What I'm looking forward to- getting excited to start making a room for this little one.

Big Sister Status- she's talking a bit more about a boy coming into our world now. I still think it hasn't really hit her yet what's going on.

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