Tuesday, July 8, 2014

our fourth.

We had a good holiday weekend. Like real good.

Which I wasn't sure it would be with Mr. P working the whole time, but it was.

I've been getting a little emotional lately about this new baby thing. Which is a whole 'nother post in itself but let's just say that my heart has been a little sore lately as I think about dividing my time between two littles. So when I heard that Mr. P was working, I decided that I was going to make it a great "girls weekend". Just a grand 'ol time the two of us.

Then BG woke up in rare form on Friday morning and refused to listen and had a meltdown over her outfit and I was in tears by 11 am. True life y'all.

I gave myself a minute to be woe is me: "we have no friends here", "she has no friends", "this is going to be the WORST holiday ever" (I'm nothing if not dramatic, and wrong, 98% of the time), and then I packed us up and headed to the park. Where we stayed and ran around until I noticed her ear was pouring blood. So off to Urgent Care we went.

A quick diagnosis of conjuctivitis and an outer ear infection later we were on our way.

A friend of mine texted to see if we wanted to join her and her family for the rest of the afternoon so we packed it up and headed over there where we spent the next few hours lounging around with friends. It was good. And tired BG out. WIN.

Mr. P came home to two girls in the bed at 9:30. We decided to wake the little one up for the fireworks in the neighborhood but that was shortlived as she was terrified. So back to bed we went.

We spent the next day lounging around the house. BG played upstairs a lot (yay for new found independence!!) while I got some stuff done downstairs. Around lunch time, I decided we both needed a break so we packed a lunch and had a little picnic outside on the patio.

We made a quick trip for ice cream and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool before moving inside for a late afternoon movie.

It was a quiet weekend. But it was so good. I do enjoy this age so much. She just loves everything she gets to do with us and she's (usually) just so happy to be doing it with us. We girls needed a weekend like this. I won't mention ago how prevalent it is in my mind that there's not that many left just the two of us..

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday!

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A.B. said...

It gets better. That whole second child thing. Mostly better. Except you call them the neglected one. Never could I love two boys SO MUCH and at the same time. And hearing them call one another, "bubba," melt my heart. It gets better. Truly. After it gets worse. Then BETTER. 9:30. dream boat.


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