Monday, September 29, 2014

32 weeks

How Far Along? 32 weeks.

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 29 pounds still and holding steady.

Sleep? SUCKS. I stay tired then am wide awake at night. I'm up to use the bathroom a couple times a night again and I still have the pain in my pelvis that wakes me up every time I roll over.

Best Moment of the Week: we had our first shower on Saturday. My little one is so loved and so blessed already.

Movement- all the time. Especially at night. It's strong enough to wake me up. The other night E was in our bed and curled up against me laying on my pregnancy pillow. It drove the little one nuts having her that close. He was kicking and rolling all over her back until she gave up and moved. They're already fighting over Mom.

Food Craving- nothing. Except water and pineapple occasionally. And Cheerios still.

Food aversions- all the things really.

Symptoms- so much pain in the pelvic area. I feel like it's bruised. I know that's terrible, but that's how it feels. I also still feel that sharp pain in my pelvis and down my right leg that wakes me up at night and makes it hard to walk after sitting for a long time. Not the funnest symptom ever.

Labor Signs- lots of Braxton-Hicks. STILL.

Belly Button- pretty shallow, but hanging on.

What I miss- he's low enough now I can breathe again. I just want to be able to bend over. That would be fun.

What I'm looking forward to- now that we've got a lot of his stuff, I am FINALLY feeling the need to do his room and get his stuff ready to go. I'm ready to get that done.

Big Sister Status- Big Sister is getting excited and it's so freaking cute it kills me. Last week before the shower she told her Dad "I'm just SO excited!!". When he asked why, she said because of her baby brother's shower that she couldn't wait to go too. She slays me with the sweet.

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