Monday, October 6, 2014

33 weeks

How Far Along? 33 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? not sure. I'll find out Thursday.

Sleep? still not great. I'm up and down a lot again which is not fun at all. But pretty sure that's the norm for a while so here we go...

Best Moment of the Week: his room is really coming together. It's one of my favorite rooms ever.

Movement- all the time. And they are FIERCE. This kid.. seriously. His movements hurt. Sometimes I legit worry he may punch his way out. I don't remember Ella's movements being like this.

Food Craving- lots of water still. and deli sandwiches. I've given in to that desire a few times this week. oops...

Food aversions- sweets are just too sweet and usually give me a headache. That doesn't mean I've completely said goodbye but.. I really should

Symptoms- still so much pelvic pain. There are no words really. I'm really sore if I sit still too long and really stiff. And the headaches are back. Freaking yay.

Labor Signs- lots of Braxton-Hicks. STILL.

Belly Button- pretty shallow, but hanging on.

What I miss- being able to put on my own shoes.

What I'm looking forward to- finishing up his room. It's coming along! I also washed his first load of clothes. That Dreft smell is like crack. No joke.

Big Sister Status- she's hilarious. She is loving the glider in his room and likes to curl up in my lap to read in there. I asked her the other day if we should put a stool for her next to the glider so that she can sit up there with me and him when he gets here. She said she would rather just sit in my lap. I asked her where he would sit and she promptly replied "he can sit on the stool.". I think we have some explaining to do about just how little this babe will be....

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