Thursday, June 18, 2015

7 months.

This guy. Good grief. Look at that smile.

He's seven months old. I swear, I'm never blinking again. Because this has been the fastest seven months EVER.

You are still just the sweetest, sweetest baby. You bring so much joy to our house. We absolutely adore you kiddo. Like we can't get enough.

So you are currently 19.5 pounds. We know this because we had to take you back to the doctor last week for your THIRD ear infection. So that's fun. One more and you're earning yourself an ENT trip. Let's fix that kid. You are wearing 9 month clothing and some 12 month. You are getting BIG and I love it. I do love a chubby baby.

You are still nursing. I could write an entire post on this, but I'll summarize. My supply has really tanked (though I say that every month) but you are still showing interest, so we chug along. You get up before five every morning and come to my room where you nurse. You usually fall back asleep with me for a bit. You also nurse to sleep at night and for naps if you are home with me. I truly think it's all comfort nursing. I've slacked a lot on pumping lately, but I'm still trying. Like I said from the beginning, I'm up for it as long as you seem to need, and want, to keep at it. So we keep chugging along.

You are still taking about four or five six ounce bottles a day. You are still on all acid reflux meds. It's still controlled as well as always. You still spit up a lot but you are comfortable when taking the meds. That's the important part.

We started solids this month and you have LOVED it. Avocado is hands down your favorite, followed by toast, and eggs. Oh, and strawberries. Pretty much you love anything. We had one choking incident at a restaurant that scared your Dad and I half to death so we kind of chilled after that, but we are picking back up. You get purees at school, but at home, we do all self feeding. You're getting better though most of the food still ends up on the floor. We haven't really tried a sippy yet. Or we have, but you hated it, so we haven't pushed it. We'll try again soon.

You are really reaching for people now. Especially me. You will throw herself in my direction. I adore it.

You light up when you see your people.

You started army crawling at the beginning of the month and you've ended the month rocking on all fours and going backwards. Still no forward movement yet, but it will be soon. I'm not ready for that stage yet.

You are still sleeping a little less than 12 hours a night. You usually waking up a bit before five and come join us downstairs. You usually go back to sleep with us, but not always. You definitely get up earlier than your sister ever did. You could take a few cues from her on the sleeping thing kid.

You're still a terrible napper. There is absolutely zero schedule to your day most days so you catch naps on the go. Life is just crazy right now and consistency has been hard to come by. At least you roll with the punches well.

You are a pro at sitting up. You can also get down to your belly though it's not the most graceful thing ever.

You turn and grab for us if you see us. You prefer to be held 24/7. You are definitely my dependent baby. You love to be held and rocked. Your love language is physical touch. I'm calling it now.

We moved you to a convertible seat. No lie, it hurt my heart a little. I think I live in a current state of denial that you are as big as you are.

You say "mamamama" a lot. And a sound that sounds a lot like "Ella". We all get a kick out of that.

You are definitely a bit high maintenance little boy, but we wouldn't trade anything about you for the world. We adore you sweet boy. Here's to another wonderful month with you.

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