Wednesday, July 22, 2015

8 months.

Oh my angel I figure since you will be nine months old in a couple of weeks, I should probably get your eight month update blogged. I took the pictures on time though if that counts for anything..

Child, you may be far less documented than your sister, but don't ever let that be an example of our love. Boy we are obsessed with you. I'm serious. We can't get enough. We seem to think you pretty much hung the moon. I kid you not. We just love you so.

You are our cuddlebug. Our little lover. You still have to be rocked to sleep and you still prefer to nurse to sleep. I still don't know when you will pull that plug but we are trucking along. I never saw that in our future but I don't hate it. I love that time with you.

You still nurse every morning and most nights with short sessions in between if you are home with me. You love some food. Love it. You still get about four six ounce bottles a day. Maybe. You don't love those nearly as much anymore. You are all about the food.

You are about 20 pounds now and I can't remember how long. Mom fail. You are wearing 6-9 month and 9 month clothing. You are in 12 month pajamas. I recently pulled out some 12 month jammies I bought with Miss Jamie back when I was about six months pregnant. I remember thinking it would be so long until you could wear them. Jokes on me. I swear that was yesterday.
You love your people. You light up when we are around. Except for the rare occasion you burst into tears when I come to daycare to pick you up. We will call those tears of joy.

You said your first word; "Ella". It was clear as day.

No shocker that's your first word. You are obsessed with her. She is far and away your favorite person. She makes you happier than the rest of us combined. She can make you laugh for hours on end. She is always the one we call on when you need cheering up. Or when you need to be distracted. She's got that junk under control.

You are on the move. Big time. You've got this weird little worm crawl that is freaking hilarious. We've also seen you get your knees under you, but you definitely don't prefer that way.
You're after the cat in a big way. You catch him a lot too. That's not usually a good thing.
You still have zero teeth and I don't see any on the horizon.

You're still pretty much a terrible sleeper. Naps are just not your thing. You are doing better most nights but you wake up a lot. You are getting better at getting yourself back to sleep though. You still end up in our bed more often than not. Like I said, you love your people.

You know how to wave. You know how to give kisses (good grief they are sloppy!). You like holding our hands. You like to be standing.

You aren't quite pulling up but you are close.

You will sit in the middle of your crib and stare at the open door and just holler til someone comes to get you. We always do. You have us wrapped.

You can get from your belly to sitting you and vice versa.

You do not sit still. If we are on the ground with you, you are crawling on us. You will crawl after us if we leave the room. In the tub, you are trying to climb out. Or you are sticking your face under the faucet. That's an odd one. But you love it.

You are just so dang sweet. You are high maintenance like whoa, and you have a temper like no other, but you are just such a lover and a cuddle bug and the sweetest little guy. Never change kiddo. You are our heart.

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Vanessa Miller said...

Omg first word Ella.....way too cute!!


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