Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On another note...

....It's almost Thanksgiving! Which means it's that much closer to CHRISTMAS!! Love it! I could skip Thanksgiving though.. I think it's the food. Not a fan of turkey, dressing, sweet potatos, cranberry sauce.. this list could go on for days! I am super excited that my family is coming to ME this year (I'm not too selfish am I?!?) No 10 hour drive for this girl! No leaving my babies in a kennel (tear....)! No driving off and forgetting to get someone to take care of the fish! (*gasp-- that could not have been me last weekend!) Plus, and this is a HUGE plus, my little brother The Marine, is back from Iraq and will finally be home! YAY YAY YAY!! (I'm not at all excited about this though...) We're having an oyster roast for him on Saturday nite. Here's the dilemna- before the Marine left there was this little group of friends that were insanely close. We all did everything together. 4 girls (including me), 2 boys (including the Marine), and 2 husbands (including Mr. Perfect) were inseparable. We laughed together, cried together, fought together (a lot!), and partied together (well minus Mr. Perfect- he doesn't drink). Well in the time since the Marine left things have changed. The other married couple we don't see as much because they've got their own things going. No big deal just stuff the rest of us aren't a part of. The other two girls were living together and boyfriends, partying, stupid girlie stuff etc... eventually tore them apart. They both moved in with their boyfriends in different houses. One of those girls (bravo if you're still following this!) was my best friend. Notice the was. A huge fight and some growing up on my part led us to today where we don't even speak. The other girl also moved in with her boyfriend and the other boy that was a part of our group. Eventually words were said between her boytoy and the other boy and now they are no longer living together and barely speaking. The problem here is this: the Marine has no idea of any of this. A few weekends back, Mr. Perfect and I traveled to NC to welcome home the Marine. I didn't want to bombard him with all the details of the fights and all so I simply left it at changes have occured in our group. It makes me sad though that he's coming home to what we've all become. It was going to happen. I needed to do some growing up and in doing so I lost everything I had in common with my former BFF. It happens.... So this oyster roast is going to bring us all together again. We're all still friends with the Marine so of course we'll all attend. But AWKWARD!! It's actually making my stomach hurt. I don't do well in high stress situations!!!

But.. did I mention it's almost CHRISTMAS!!! And did I mention that I get to see my little brother who is my best friend ever this weekend?!? And did I mention it's a weekend of family, friends, and good football!!


Freespirited Mama said...

He's my lil bro too!!!!! Aww give the Marine a big smooch from me. Sad I can't be there!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks.. I don't know how I shall ever part with it ;) I hope you have a great weekend. I'm glad you get to see your brother!


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