Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't Judge Me...

It's that time again. It's a time that Mr. Perfect and I enjoy together time curled up on the couch. A time that I make it home from the gym before 7 at nite. That's right....
It's American Idol time!!!

Don't judge me. But I have a ridiculous tiny crush on this guy.

Seriously. I love him. He kills me. Mr. Perfect and I probably watch the show more for this guy than the singing. It is a singing competition right?!? We're always looking for him in the background. He cracks me up! Insight into my personality here.. I almost always agree with Simon. And I love what he says to people! I'm not mean though.. Promise!!

So my recap. So happy Danny and Alexis made it. When Danny Gokey auditioned, Mr. Perfect looked at me and said "He's going to win". I literally cried on Tuesday when he sang. Which I thought might have been induced by the wine I was also partaking in, but.. it happened again on Wednesday!! Love him!!

I didn't think Anne Marie was as bad as they thought though. Yea, she sounded a bit karaokeish, but doesn't everyone love karaoke?!? Or a good cruise line performer?!?

So glad Tatianna is gone. Sad about Anoop. Maybe he'll get a wild card. That would be good.

And seriously?!? What on earth did they do to my boy Jason Mraz's song last nite?!? I hated it!! Nobody can do Jason Mraz but Jason Mraz. It's okay AI producers. You can make it up to me with a stellar group performance later in the season.

I'm afraid my blog on Thursday will be too much of AI (that also stands for something else in the medical world that just made me blush!). I can't help it.

It's also my lovely mother-in-law's birthday today. Happy Birthday Mrs. M!!!

Mr. Perfect and his mom with some more of his family...

Is it sad that I'm watching my DVR'd Danny Gokey performance again?!

I need a life.


Megan said...

I also have a little crush on Simon!! I hope Anoop gets to come back! He was so good and seemed sweet!

Mrs. Hibit said...

We re-watched a LOT of David Cook performances last year. I think Danny has the same kind of style, where he can totally reinvent the original songs. I'm excited!

Lindsey said...

I couldn't agree with you more!!! I adore Danny and want him to win! If Tatinna beat him I was going to refuse to watch the show, ha! I was also sad to see Anoop go, and very surprised!


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