Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am so tired. Clearly I am no longer in college as I spent all day today laying around doing absolutely nothing trying to recover from my late Saturday nite! How on Earth did I ever party all nite just to get up the next morning and work a ten hour shift?! Oh the joys of the early twenties body...

This weekend we held a little annual get together for one of my very best friends birthday. Back when I first went off to college, I was the very preppy, very sheltered, somewhat... dare I say snobby, girl. So imagine my apprehension when I saw my new suitemate walking around with her Converse sneakers, jean capris, some scary band tank top, and pink hair. I clearly remember asking my Dad to take me back home because I just knew her and I wouldn't get along!!

Well it took no time at all for me to decide this girl was a-ok in my book. And I've never looked back! I've never in my life laughed as hard as I do with Ash. She might possibly be the funnest, loudest, craziest person I've ever met!! There literally is not a moment I'm with her that I'm not laughing! Her and I became super close living together that one year at our tiny little college. She moved to a different dorm our second year and then we both transferred our junior years to different schools, but we've never lost touch. We can go forever without seeing each other and then when we're together, we pick right back up. We don't miss a beat.

My girls and I on my wedding day. Ash is in the pink (duh!)

So once a year for her birthday, Ash and our other good friend, C, come down for Ash's birthday. Better known as: Ash-a-pa-looza!! It's a time that is sure to never disappoint and this year was no different!!

Friday nite Ash, C, and Ash's current roommate, L, got to our humble abode to begin the festivities. We stayed in and Mr. Perfect cooked us steak and potatoes (seriously, I cannot stress how great he is!). It was a pretty quiet nite (for us anyway!). I had to work the next morning so we called it quits on the board games around midnite.

Mr. Perfect and Ash playing pattycake. This board game is ridiculous!!

Saturday we went downtown for a while and walked along the river. It was pretty chilly so we didn't last long. It was gorgeous out though... I do love my town!!

Us girls in City Market.

Our mad cake decorating skills!! No plain Jane Happy Birthday here!!

Saturday we got all gussied up and headed out. Where else would we start but our favorite little Mexican place?! Of course Ash got her birthday shot of tequila (I think I just threw up a little) which quickly got this party started!

Mr. Perfect drove us downtown where we headed to a little bar in City Market. It was packed! Of course Ash and I hit the dance floor for a little salsa dancing. Ok. She danced. I stood on the dance floor and wished to be anywhere else. I'm good at a lot of things but dancing, not so much!

After we headed out of City Market we headed to my favorite little bar in town. Seriously if you ever are in town I highly recommend this place for a nite of entertainment. It. Is. SO. Much. Fun. And I'm not biased just because a bunch of good friends work there. It really is so awesome! Imagine my surprise when I stumble upon the little brother at the bar!! Yea, the Marine, who should be up in North Carolina. Apparently he's been getting pretty serious about this girl he's been dating so he came down to see her. He knew I was coming out that nite so he had every intention of surprising me. It worked!

We had such a good time. We danced, we laughed, we made Ash get up on stage and get sung to!! It was great. I love my girls!! I feel so blessed that I've made such awesome friends during all the different aspects of my life. I was always told college was where you made most of your lifelong friends and I agree. 100%. Such a great weekend!

Ash at dinner.

Mr. Perfect driving us girls Downtown.

The Marine and his new girl. Hmm.. looks like she might be sticking around which means I need a name for her..

Ash getting sang to up on stage. Absolutely awesome!! I don't care that she threatened mine and L's life if we called her out and got her up there! She did it to me!!

L, Ash, & I taking a breather from being the dancing machines we are. Oh, I can dance at this bar!!

The Marine's Girl, one of my great guy friends, and I clearly suffering from global warming!

The Marine and I.

Me, L, Ash, & C.

I have AMAZING friends!!

C, Ash, & I at the end of the nite. Clearly a successful birthday!!

I had so much fun. Too bad birthday's only come once a year!! In case you were wondering, Mr. Perfect didn't stick around as it's not really his thing at all, but my dear, sweet, #1 husband in the world did drag himself back out of bed at 2 am to come pick us up.. I got so lucky!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Lindsey said...

Looks like a super fun weekend!!! Love the pics!


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