Friday, February 27, 2009

Recap. Duh.

The hubs and I had our first American Idol induced "tiff" last nite.

I told you it was bad.

I am truly happy with the 3 from this group. I swore to Mr. Perfect that I would boycott if Megan made it through. I was convinced that since the previous week had 2 boys and a girl, that producers would make it 2 girls and a boy this week. And that simply would not have been right!!

I loved this guy.

I will admit. I tend to be a music snob. There are just some groups and some singers that you DO NOT TOUCH. You just can't. It's wrong. And I usually put Michael Jackson in that group. However, I liked that Kris picked something that needed him to be confident to perform and I thought he rocked it.

Mr. Perfect did not agree.

He thought Megan should go on.

I'm sorry Mr. Perfect, but did you watch the show?! I thought the beginning of her performance was ok, the end was pitchy, and she looked mildly like a robot standing on stage. I happen to really like Corrine Bailey Rae and I just don't think the girl did her justice.

He just thinks she's cute.

Also so disappointed in Matt.

His impression of Justin Timberlake impersonating Chris Martin about killed me. It was painful.

I do have high hopes that he will come back as a wild card. That would be okay with me.

And Simon almost sent me into a coma this week. Too much laughter ends up with a shortage of oxygen to the brain. Thankfully I recovered and will be around to see Simon another week!!


Am said...

We just got our new TV and need to get the cable set up so I can start watching AI again!

Lindsey said...

I agree with you, Megan did not deserve to get through!

I was so disappointed in Matt and I really hope he comes back as a wild card. Pretty please with sugar on top! He's so talented!

Sassy Engineer said...

I haven't gotten to watch AI since the first week in hollywood! My hubs decided that he didn't like the show any more, and I just can't find time to watch it without him. Oh well - I'm going to try again next week :)

BTW, I love your blog too, and I think that is so awesome we have almost the same anniversary!


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