Monday, August 30, 2010

baby dedication.

Yesterday we had baby dedication at the church, and Baby Girl was one of four little girls that was dedicated.

For any that don't know, Mr. Perfect and I are Southern Baptists. I know, I know. But try not to label us with all your typical "bible beating, super judgmental, uber strict" labels that Southern Baptists usually come with. We're not those people and fortunately we don't go to that type of church. Oh, and we can have fun too. Shattering stereotypes left and right here folks.

Our church believes that baptism must be one's conscious choice. Therefore, babies do not get baptized in our church. They get dedicated. Meaning, they are a gift from God given to their parents to raise. But we dedicate them back to God and vow to raise them to know and love Him. Just a little insight into our way of doing things.

My parents and brother both managed to come down for the weekend and all stayed with us. So on Sunday morning, Baby Girl and I got up and ate pretty early and then I hopped in the shower while she hung out with Pops and Uncle Marine. We had decided not to go to Sunday School that morning since we had some out of town friends meeting us at the house to go to church, so about nine a.m., BG melted down. Normally she would have slept at church during Sunday School, so keeping her out might not have been the best option.

Hind sight=20/20.

After getting her calmed down and Daddy got her dressed, we headed up to church.

We had some pictures to take beforehand, so we gathered our family (my parents, grandparents, Aunt P, and Uncle Marine) and went and did the smiling thing with Pastor. BG did awesome. Smiled and laughed and was her normal, adorable self.

I took BG to the nursery for the rest of the sermon. I was supposed to sneak out and get her during the invitation and then sneak back on. So I go pick her up and am walking back up the aisle during the invitation (also know as the quietest moment ever), and BG lets out this squeal of delight about halfway down the aisle.

I. Was. Mortified.

I booked it back to the back of the church where I waited until people were headed up to the pulpit and then we tried again.

During the rest of the invitation and on into the announcements, BG thought it was her job to entertain any and all people around us. I caught the eye of one of the other baby's dads and he was rolling laughing. Everyone around her was smiling at her, which just encourages her. Even Sophie couldn't make her stop laughing and cooing!

Finally we got to the dedication and BG was called up front.

She was a ham. She laughed, she cooed, she kicked and danced. I could hardly hold on to her. Clearly my child doesn't have a shy bone in her body. Pastor even remarked over how happy and outgoing she was.


The whole congregation was laughing at her, which just made her dance more! She is such a people person! We prayed over her and she received her certificate of dedication and a Bible. It was then time to move to the side and let the other three (younger, quieter) babies be dedicated.

BG smiled at the new set of people she was now standing in front of for a few minutes and then I felt her go limp.

Clearly the activity of the morning caught up with her because she slept through the rest of the dedication, pictures after, and getting loaded into the car to go eat. Baby was tired!

We went to a local bar-b-que place for lunch where BG got to hang out with the friends and family who came down for her big day. She also got to open some gifts and sit in the high chair for the first time since her parents forgot the infant car seat.

Good job Mom and Dad.

BG & Uncle Charleston- Dad's best friend since childhood.

Opening gifts... she's not spoiled at all!

BG chillin' out in a high chair for the first time. Yea.. she didn't love it. But seeing her sitting there at the table with us like such a big girl almost made me cry. She is getting too big way too fast!

We finally made it home where we took a few more pictures and hung out with friends for a while. Mr. Perfect and I are so, so thankful that we have such amazing family and friends in our lives, and that will now be in our daughter's life. We are so glad that so many thought it was important to come and stand up and say that they will be a part in making sure that she grows to know and love Jesus and to help make sure that she is raised living for Him. It was such a perfect, perfect day.


Unknown said...

Glad you had a great day! Love all the pictures!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

What a special & fun day!! I love that she was so chatty & smiley - how fun!! Manny cried during the prayer - ha! Oh, and great explanation on the dedication vs. baptism. We believe the same way too. Love all of the pictures - you have a beautiful family! :)

Jessica said...

Congratulations Baby Girl!!

I just can not get over those CHEEKS!

Hayley said...


Sounds like it was such a special day!

Girl Meets Beau said...

What a special day! I love baby dedication at our church - it's so fun to see all the cute little ones! Sounds like BG was excited :) I bet she entertained everyone in the crowd!

Sara said...

What a truly special day. I love the baptisms at church; they make me so happy!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Oh what a great day! The pics are adorable!! I loved our littles' dedications too, they always make me tear up, it is so special, and a great reminder too! and I love that she was entertaining everyone, that is so cute and sweet! :)

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Aw, she is such a sweetheart! Baby dedications are such special, special occasions :-) It's so wonderful that she was happy during the event - I've seen some poor moms and dads up there holding screaming babies, and you always feel for them!

And by the way - would never label you as a Bible-beating or super-judgmental :-) You're not that way at all!

d.a.r. said...

She is such a cute and happy baby!!


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