Friday, August 13, 2010

long week.

I'm still walking around in a permanent fog.

When does this new mom exhaustion wear off? Not kidding. I am so stinking tired.

My parents have been in town all week, so Baby Girl and I have been entertaining them. We've been shopping every day this week. I have the best child ever. She has not broken down in tears once. She just drifts off to sleep in her stroller if she gets tired enough.

Mama doesn't have that luxury. I'm way closer to tears than her.

I need a tired cry.

I've been off work most of the week but I'm back in the clinic today. I might take a nap here.

Last week I was down two pounds. Today I'm back up one. There's my "Fit Train Friday". Not much of one because I haven't done anything this week.

I have a major desire to redo my house. I thought we might possibly be moving with the hubs' job a few weeks back. Now that we're staying put, I need a change. Stat. My house is done in warmer colors. Now I want cooler colors. I'll do a post on that soon. Need opinions.

This has been quite the week for Baby Girl's development. She started blowing raspberries on Saturday, rolled over back to front on Monday, rolled over back to front and then straight into front to back on Wednesday, and found her feet on Wednesday and started playing with them today!

Way too much for this Mama. Where is my teeny, tiny, helpless baby?!?

Since she's rolling over all over the place now, we've moved from the swaddle to the Sleep Sack. So far so good. She tends to wake herself up a bit more now that she's mobile, but she gets herself right back to sleep. In fact, the Mister and I don't even hear her unless she cries. My parents said they heard her multiple times during the night just making noise.

Not the tired parents.

Anyway, now that she's "loose", she's become a side sleeper. And it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. During naps, I let her sleep with no sack and when I left this morning she was sprawled out on her tummy.

How can someone sleeping be so daggum adorable?!?

I still am not exercising. I cannot find a time where she is asleep and I don't have anything else to do. I really need to work on this. I miss running.

My soccer team sent me an email that it's time for the fall season to start. I really don't know if I have any desire to play....

I need a walker. Well, BG does. Any recommendations for a good one Mom's out there?

Clearly my head is all over the place right now. Did this post even make sense?


SplendidlyImperfect said...

You don't need a walker. Promise. I didn't have one and my boy walked just fine. They inhibit natural development. ( )Save your money! :)

Sassy Engineer said...

So I don't have any motherhood advice since I'm not one, but I'l keep you in my prayers and pray that God give you endless energy from Him! I get tired just baby-sitting or watching other moms so I can only imagine how tiring it is for y'all. Hang in there! I hear it does get easier :)

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

We struggled between getting an activity center or a walker and finally decided on a walker. We have the Jeep know that. And, we love it. It has a few toys on it, but nothing he just concentrates on walking around. We really like it. He can practice standing on his own...which has been nice.

Unknown said...

Oh man, this post cracked me up because I totally know how you feel! Sometimes I feel like I'm sTILL in the new mommy fog and my baby is almost 2! :-) haha - I'll be praying for you that you get some good rest! Oh and Jayci never had a walker, so I have no advice for you there :-)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

haha, I'm pretty sleepy myself right now, it sounds like y'all are doing great though! I hope you have a very relaxing and restful weekend! (I know what you mean about wanting to exercise, I haven't felt well enough to anything for waaay too long now, I'm hoping when the weather cools down and I'm feeling better again, we'll get in some great family walks! :))

Kirby said...

I came acroos your blog and its cute! Congrats on your little one. I had a walker with one of mine and loved it as she did too(couldnt tell ya what kind it was I already got rid of it) and by the time I had my third girl my dr. said he didnt recommend them because of some sort of safety thing, I don't know. I never had any issues with them though. I think they are pretty cute when they are all over the place running into everything! Happy Friday!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

You are amazing :-) You're a full-time mommy to a beautiful baby girl, a wife, and you work outside the home. You rock! I'm sorry that you're still so exhausted, but everyone keeps telling me that it doesn't last (not speaking from personal experience here, of course!). I'd say that the best kind of exercise would be stuff that you enjoy and that doesn't stress you out. If the soccer team would just add stress to your life, then don't do it. There's always next year. In the meantime, find something fun and relaxing that you can do that still counts as exercise. Even if it's just pushing a stroller :-) It'll get better!

amy (metz) walker said...

Sorry you're feeling like you are in a fog! I get exhausted when I baby our friend's children for an hour or two so I can't even imagine. ;-)


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