Friday, August 6, 2010

weekends in july.

Nothing like a super huge weekend wrap up huh?!

Our weekends lately have been a blur. We've had family down, friends are moving away so there have been good-bye dinners, weddings, and lots of dinners out.

Le sigh.

We are always on the go! It's been so busy that I haven't written about a weekend in so long, that I have about three to recap. Now don't you worry your pretty little heads, you'll get the cliff notes version.

A few weekends ago we went to eat dinner with some friends and baby Kathryn. It's so fun to be around BG and Kathryn now that they can interact a bit more. Obviously Kathryn is still into way more than BG since she is three months older, but BG is catching up with her development wise. And she's already passed her size wise!

Our dinner time entertainment.

Love the look BG is giving her here!

My favorite girls..

We spent Sunday just hanging around the house. I worked on some photo books while these two did this..

Yes, I woke him up for a picture. I love those two so daggum much!

Two weekends ago, a few of my girlfriends and I headed downtown to hear a local artist celebrate his recent cd release. It was also a going away party of sorts since my friend, Turs, is moving to Ohio this week. Tear..

I had the hardest time being out and leaving BG with my grandparents for the night. I have such guilt when I leave her. I've got to find a way to get over that. I need some "me" time! I spent a lot of the night texting Sara and Mr. Perfect who both offered to made the "emergency call" so I could leave early.

I gave it some serious thought but decided to stick my fun night out. Way to make a fun night a chore insane girl...

Turns out that I still had to leave early because when Mr. Perfect got to the g-parents to pick up BG, he realized he didn't have a carseat.

Where was the carseat you ask?

In my back seat in a parking garage downtown.

Smooth move. Mr. P swears to this day that I did it on purpose. Eh..

After church that Sunday, we stopped at a local rib joint for some good eats with the family.

Baby Girl looks like she wants to gnaw on a rib bone something fierce...

I spent a good portion of the afternoon hanging out with my best girl... She makes my life perfect.

Then we headed over to the grandparents to spend the rest of the afternoon with the Marine and my Aunt Texas.

Last weekend was the last full weekend that my friend Turstal would still be here in Coastal Town. So we got our little threesome together with the kiddos for a lunch at none other than one of our favorite Mexican joints.

I wish I could say that it was the perfect way to say good-bye, but in reality, BG became that girl at the restaurant so we spent most of our time outside.

My child is such a good child, but when she's bad... well, she's really bad! In her defense I had dragged her out when she wanted to be napping. But I couldn't leave her at home when everyone else in the house was doing this...

Turstal & I with BG & T-bear

KT & T-bear

KT, T-bear, Zach, Turs, BG, & myself.. I'm so going to miss Zach and Turstal..

I think that's it. Good for you if you stuck through this! Hopefully August will chill out a bit!


Unknown said...

Did you get some new highlights? Your hair looks *fabulous!* And don't worry, it definitely does get easier to leave them. I practically run out of the house at night now for some much needed girl time! It's easier when they sleep through the night because you know you're not missing them when they're awake at all.

Kara said...

Yeah, I don't know how Sarah got to be in the 50%, I was always in the upper 90's on everything when I was a baby. Her tooth is her upper "fang" on her right, left in the photo. It is hard to see in that picture!


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