Sunday, September 5, 2010

a tradition.

We have a little tradition here in the Imperfect household.

See, Sunday is a long day. BG has to get up early, get all dolled up, hang out at church for hours (where she rarely naps), then head out to lunch with the family, and then finally return home.

Long day.

So when we get home, it's time for...

Naked Baby Sunday!!

BG loves it! The girl hates wearing clothes, so a whole afternoon with nothing but a diapey on?


She plays, she eats, she naps, all nakey.

I don't know what she's going to do when it's not 80 degrees and the house and she has to wear clothes. I'm pretty sure she's going to rebel against that one...

Can you see it? She's totally rockin' the peace sign.

Don't worry. It's just Naked Baby Sunday. Mr. P and I tend to keep the clothes on.


I'll leave you with this visual and try to erase that one.. ;)


Kelly and Sara said...

So cute! Hope you had a relaxing weekend :)

Unknown said...

What a fun idea!

A.B. said...

Then end of your post cracked me up.

I LOVE me some nakers babies.

Kara said...

Yay for babies in diapers, their skin is so soft, it's like it's not even there!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

We're pretty much naked at some point during every day. I let Jude take naps in a diaper because I love taking naps in as few clothes as possible. We also have "real" naked time before ever bath...ya'll should try that one. A good 15 minutes to air out! =)

E is adorable. She looks GIANT. They are really a perfect match!

Sara said...

Love it! When you're that cute, it's perfectly okay to be naked :)

Amanda said...

I laughed out loud when you said you'd leave us with a visual of BG to erase that one...too funny!
Greyson loves his naked time too :) Keeps my laundry load down! haha

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe that she is already 5 months! Seems like yesterday you were just announcing her birth. She is such a beautiful baby!!


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