Tuesday, September 14, 2010

weekend wrap-up- a birthday edition.

It seems the older I get, the more birthdays just become "another day".

And honestly?

Completely okay.

Dishes still have to be washed, floor vacuumed, dogs fed, and now that I have my own house and family, I'm the one doing a lot of that. There's no time to just sit around and eat cake and open presents.

However, on Friday, my Mr. Perfect made it "my day".

I woke up to a little surprise from the two loves of my life.

Yes, I look scary. But look at that sweetie holding on to that bag! I love her!

Mr. Perfect and BG got me the most perfect diamond cross necklace that I've been dying to have for a while. If you follow me on Twitter, I posted a picture of it on Friday.

Then after I got dressed, I turned around to see this.

My favorite cake ever. Coldstone Cake Batter. Which I proceeded to eat three pieces of before we even made it out to lunch.

We spent the rest of the day running errands and having sushi for lunch.

I also managed to have not one, but two, meltdowns during the day. I think the heat, my current sucky body image, and the stupid Georgia DMV were just too much for me to handle all in one day. I lost it in the car after dealing with the DMV.

Hey, it's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Once I put my big girl pants on and went back home, I was greeted by a giggling five month old who immediately put my smile back on my face.

Seriously? What did we do before her?

That night, Mr. P and I packed up BG and took her to our friend KP's for a few hours so that we could have a date night.

We went out to eat at a very nice restaurant here in town, where Mr. P somehow got them to print "Happy Birthday P.I" on the menus for me. Totally awesome. I felt like hot stuff.

Because of the ridiculous humidity, my shoes stretched to gargantuan dimensions and gave me huge blisters. Super fun. So I walked through Downtown to our next destination with no shoes.

I probably now have some flesh eating disease. To go with my fierce blisters.

After dinner, we went and saw a show put on by local artists. They sang a bunch of different songs that are relative to the South. It was awesome. Right up my alley.

I had a cardigan on to cover up the awesome bra strap, but I took it off with the shoes. I can't begin to explain to y'all how hot it was here Friday night. I might live in the outer circle of Hell.

During the show, KP texted me to ask me how to get BG to stop crying! I felt so bad. She's been feeling kind of lousy lately, and hadn't napped well all day, so I kind of expected that (sorry KP!). Poor girl is also not a fan of other people trying to get her to go to bed. It throws her off and she does not like surprises!

We debated leaving to get her, but we knew she would calm down and be fine soon enough, so we finished up our date. Sure enough, we talked to KP a few minutes later and she was crashed out in the bed.

Saturday was my actual birthday and the Mister had to work all day. Apparently my birthday doesn't qualify as a national holiday, which it should but for other reasons, but I digress..

I was really looking forward to introducing BG to some Bulldog football. We went and did a little shopping before the game, and then met some family to eat and watch the game. BG was totally into the game at first, but then I looked over and saw this..

Clearly the girl doesn't understand the importance of SEC football.

After lunch we headed home and put on our full game day gear for the second half.

Somehow, even with a cheerleader that dang cute, the Dawgs still managed to lose. Not cool boys. Hopefully we'll pull out a win next week against the Hogs! (sorry Megan!)

After the Georgia game, I let BG change into her Clemson onesie for her Daddy. I personally think she bleeds red and black, but... She's half his so I'll throw him a bone every now and then!

That night we headed over to KP's house for a bit. KP is a huge Alabama fan, so a few of us girls go together to hang out, eat a bit, watch the game, and celebrate me being another year closer to thirty. I even let KP dress BG in a Bama dress for a bit which I know Sara loved!

We did another little photoshoot with the girls while we were there and dealt with some drama, but that will be another post.

We did have a little dance party for the babies. I've been out dancing for my birthday plenty of times, but I have to say this was a first. But oh so hilarious!

I had a good time. Low key night over all. The times really have changed.

Sunday, BG and I slept pretty much all day. She's been battling a stuffy nose for a few days, and I think the weekend of late nights caught up with her because she napped like there was no tomorrow. That was fine with this girl. I did the same.

We did wake up in the afternoon in time to enjoy a good bit of Naked Baby Sunday. It's the best time all day!

We do love our little nudist.

We wrapped up our weekend by going to evening church since we slept through the a.m. services. Then came home and got ready for the week.

I do have to say, I still sometimes cannot believe this is my life. I am so ridiculously blessed. I had the best birthday. With the love of my life, my sweet angel, an amazing family, great friends, and amazing blog and Twitter friends surrounding me, I feel like quite possibly the luckiest girl in the world. Thanks for all the birthday wishes ladies. They really meant more than you know!


Pearl said...

YAY!!! I found your blog!! I didn't even know you had one! I just started mine so next time we are near you, I am coming over for a tudorial!!!

LOVE YOU and that sweet girl!!

Emily said...

ahhhh... I love her:) She just is sooo soo stinking cute:) I love her game day outfit:)
Plus I might add, you look AMAZING:)

Hayley said...

Oh wow, sounds like you had the most perfect birthday and weekend!!!!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

It sounds like a great birthday weekend, despite the heat, humidity, and the blisters! Those pictures are so cute!

BeccaMichelle said...

BG just has the best eyebrows! They're amazing and so expressive!

d.a.r. said...

Awww so glad you had such a wonderful birthday!!

Brown Girl said...

Happy Birthday sweetie! I think you look amazing!! Just sayin...and BG, oh man, I heart BG! She just has the cutest little face. Can't even stand it!!!

Virginia Belle said...

So happy you had a great Birthday weekend! There are so many cute pictures to comment on-BG clutching the Zales bag, her and the cake (yum!), and I cannot get over her bulldogs cheerleading outfit! Too cute!

In This Wonderful Life said...

SO precious!!! I hope you had a FABULOUS BIRTHDAY!!!! xoxo

Jennifer said...

Sucky body image?!? What are you talking about? You look great!

There is a reason I haven't posted any pics of myself on my blog in awhile. I need more time!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Sounds like a fab weekend overall!! Kudos to Mr. Perfect for making your bday so special. :) And BG is so so SOOO stinkin' cute!! I want to squeeze her!! Have you seen these? She totally needs them to go with all her other cute fan gear! :)

Kassie said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday with your little family!! It looks absolutely perfect. :)


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