Monday, March 21, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Not going to lie, I love St. Patrick's Day.

I mean, I pretty much like all holidays, but a holiday where it's acceptable to dress in green (love), watch parades, and start drinking at 8 am?

I'm there.

I also happen to be from a town with a HUGE celebration for St. Patty's. We're talking a week long celebration of pretty much straight debauchery with a parade thrown in.

It's a blast.

However, being a bit older and a tad more mature, I skipped the debauchery this year in lieu of introducing BG to her first St. Patty's Day Parade.

I am so, so thankful that I have an amazing husband who works hard so that I'm able to take these trips with her. We were so bummed he couldn't make it, but am so glad that we were able to go home for this. Love you babe..

We got up bright and early (after going to bed at 4:30 am which you've already heard me complain about in depth a bit if you follow me on Twitter) and headed to meet up with KP and Kathryn. KP's friend from college was also in town with her little one so they went with us to meet up with KP's husband, R, and his family downtown.

We left the house at around 8 am and after looking for a parking space for 45 minutes, we finally were making our way through the crowd to our parade spot on Bay Street.

The parade didn't start until 10:15 and took about 45 minutes or so to reach us. That was fine by us though. We had food, drinks, Frisbees, face painting, and adorable babies to keep us entertained. R's family is such a blast and we had a prime spot to people watch in and wait for the parade.

KP and I with our girls

Eventually the parade made it to our end of town so we made our way to the street to take in the sights.

KP's friend, N, and BG

Eventually my child (the one that went to sleep at 4:30 am, got up at 6:30 am, and skipped her morning nap), decided to conk out in the BOB. It wasn't too much longer before Kathryn joined her...

Once the little ones were asleep, we older gals pulled up a few chairs for some laughs, some face painting, and lots of girl talk. Not going to lie, I was pretty homesick by this point. I miss my friends..

Sigh.. perfect afternoon.

Eventually, it was almost 4:00 and we decided to clear out before the madness began. We trekked back to our cars but decided we weren't quite done with the festivities yet so we headed on back to KP's.

Eventually I had to tear myself away to go meet up with family for dinner. It was such a perfect day. I'm so, so glad that I got to introduce BG to one of my favorite things about Savannah.

Is it time to go back yet?!?!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

LETS just say you get mom of the year for having an awesome outfit for your kid for st p's day ;)

Jen Watts said...

you ladies look terrific in your green! I love St Patricks Day also-wish I lived in a town that celebrated it so grandly!

d.a.r. said...

Such a fun time!! I have always wanted to go to Sav. for St Patty's day!!

Holly said...

You definitely need to come to Louisiana...where it is acceptable to drink at 8am everyday ;)


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