Thursday, March 24, 2011


What's been going on in my head???

First of all, how did my font on here change? Odd.

I'm trying to put together a slideshow for BG's first birthday. It will be the death of me. Between the incessant sobbing as I put up pictures of my long ago newborn, or the tears over the songs I've picked, and the fact that it just doesn't want to all "jive" for me? I could possibly lose it. If anyone has any clue how to use Windows Movie Maker, please hit me up. I will seriously love you forever (in a non-stalker way of course).

I got BG's birthday outfits washed. She has a different outfit for each day of her birthday week. Yes, I know that's utterly ridiculous, but. I. Can't. Help. It. I need a support group.

I am getting to the overwhelmed part of the party planning. I need to be able to put things out and see how they look, but the party won't be here so I can't set up and it's killing me. I need to see it to see what needs to be done!!

I took the plunge and joined Weight Watchers (Sara quit laughing). So far the only thing I've noticed is that I'm starving. Not kidding. I eat a ton of fruit though because you can. Not so satisfying that fruit..

I just noticed that I'm blogging in the compose section and that I can do all kinds of neat things. Hmm.. How have I never noticed that??

My girl dog peed on my boy dog's head today. I don't know why they want me to get rid of them. And if they don't, why are they pulling every trick in the book to get me to do so?!

In the last couple of weeks, BG has started turning the pages of her book for me. At night, I'll get the page ready to turn in our book and she turns it the rest of the way. It is pretty darn cute. And makes her seem even more grown. Stop. It.

At night, I like to sneak in her room and pick her up and hold her. She rarely lets me hold her during the day, so I love that time. Then last night she wouldn't go back to sleep after I set her back down. Do I dare go in there tonight?

The other night, I was bathing the kiddo when she stood up, squatted, peed, and then burst out laughing. Am I raising a little lady or a frat boy?? She did the same thing to her Dad tonight. I don't get it.

My camera broke. The week before BG's party. Super fun right? I'm a mess. She did so many adorable things today and all I had for documentation was the Droid. Thank goodness for grainy cell phone pictures. That's not going to cut it next week though...

I'm really tired. Maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight?


Lindsey said...

Coming from a technology teacher, DO NOT USE MOVIE MAKER! There is a reason it is free. It crashes all the time at school. Check out It is similar to movie maker and imovie but free. if you need help let me know!

Jen Watts said...

Oh my goodness.. I just love your blog! Tonight Carsyn refused to sleep so I had to cuddle her for about an hour and all I was thinking was how badly I wanted to get to my pizza and red wine.. Now she's sleeping and looks so darn cute I want to go pick her up and cuddle.. Go figure!
I'm glad you have so many birthday outfits.. Sometimes I think I'm insane buying baby clothes but they're only little once.. And I get some good deals!

A.B. said...

I constantly ask why Maggie (dog)does things to make me not love her.

I almost bought G a 1 onesie the other day even though I've already bought him a birthday boy tshirt and have my eye on a jonjon that I wll also be ordering. Overkill? I do have 4 months. Whatever.

My child was awake last night from 3:30-5. I tok him to bed with me where he started waving his hands and saying "mama mama dadadada nanananana" then I put him back in his own bed and turned the monitor down. Mom of the year? You can come snuggle him from 3:30-5 every morning should you like :)

STRESSFUL about the camera. Maybe get an exorsist to inspect?

KM said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog =)

I can't believe we are both throwing our babies First Birthday Party next weekend *Sniff Sniff* I am with you on having all the stuff and wanting to get it out on display but can't since it's a week away....a week....yikes.

We might have to be each others support system through all of this ;) Good Luck on your party!



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