Friday, September 16, 2011

the hike.

So Tuesday Mr. P took the day off so that he and I could have some "one on one time".

Get yo minds out of the gutter kids. We just needed a daggum date.

So we packed up the little and took her to her sitters for the day and we decided to hit the trail.

Well, after I made him stop by Target to check out the new Missoni collection. He was super stoked about that.

Eventually we made it out to the trail. I almost made him turn around when I realized I had zero cell phone service (not okay), but we kept going. Gulp.

He picked the trail. It was supposed to be "moderate". Ba. The very beginning was pretty downhill to which I remarked "you know this is going to be all uphill on the way back when we're exhausted right?!".

Ever the optimist she is.

I should say that I am about the jumpiest person in America. I can't help it. For some reason Mr. P let me lead down the trail (okay I was walking too fast, not enjoying the view and all so he made me go in front, whatevs) and I almost jumped off the mountain when I stumbled upon this wild animal...

Scary right? I almost killed myself trying to avoid him. What is wrong with me?!

Eventually I stepped over him (very carefully in case he go go gadgeted out of there and bit me) and we made it further up the trail. I kid you not when I worried we were lost because the trail was so overgrown. I actually had no sooner got the statement "I don't think anyone has been here in years", when we stumbled on an older couple (not out of breath at all) on their way down. They informed us that we were only fourteen minutes from the top and "such an awesome view!" so we kept on trucking.

So tired y'all. We were so tired.

Thirty minutes later (LIARS!), we were at the top. It was totally worth it.

We sat up there and ate lunch and tried to breathe relaxed. It was gorgeous.
I feel like I should've been thanking God just for letting us make it to the top, but instead I found myself thanking God for letting us make it to the top together.

In the craziness that is our lives, I am so glad that I can still spend a day with my husband, no, my best friend and it is just like old times.

We talked about our kid of course, but we also talked about so many other things. We are still best friends. And days like this remind me why we chose to do life together.

Such a great day.

Don't worry though. I drama queened it up on the way back down and broke the cheesy spell. ;)

We were almost back to the car when I heard it; that distinct "bzzz" that belongs to a stingy thing. You know what I mean.

Immediately I tensed up. I am terrified of bees. Terrified. I start to walk faster but the buzzing got louder. Then...

Yep. It got me. Yep. I cried like a little baby. No shame. I HATE them.

I made it to the truck still crying. Call me ridiculous, I don't care. It hurt and it pissed me off. Freaking yellow jacket. In true form, the hubs made fun of me (after he made sure I was okay) and we laughed about how our day had been. There is no way we could keep it simple and easy. That's just not us.

The best thing about spending the day with your best friend?

Ending it at the park with the other love of your life. My life is perfect. Seriously.


Jen Watts said...

Now that, my friend is a perfect day! I'd take a hike over most anything. Your baby girl keeps getting more adorable by the way.

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Ha ha ha! I cracked up when I read about the "go go gadget" turtle! I'm sorry about your bee sting, though :-( I've never been stung and the thought of it happening freaks me out! Sounds like it was a great day overall, though! Glad you were able to spend some quality time with the hubs!

Ashley said...

Such a fun day, but I can't believe you got stung! I would've cried too! And you look GREAT girl! Look at your skinny arms!

KM said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! The view from the top looked perfect! Glad you got to enjoy time with just the hubs. I am trying to find a way to make that happen over here, esp before baby #2 comes. I told him we need an adult trip to happen within 9 months, we will see...

Sorry about the stinger...yikes. I hate any type of bee. Scare the crap out of me. I know that must have hurt =(


Lindsay said...

What a fun day!!! And such a beautiful place!


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