Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Man. My head is a mess these days.

I decided to start "planning" some blog posts to try and get a few knocked out once a week. Ha. Ask me how many times I've done that? So my planner currently looks like BG got a hold of it with all the crossed out words. Fun.

I thought I'd "plan" some posts because I seriously have a ton to say these days but it's just not getting out of my brain and onto this page. Something isn't connected right I suppose.

We went to Savannah this past weekend to visit with family and to attend a birthday party. BG and my best friend's little girl had such a blast playing together. I'm not going to lie; it hurt my heart to watch them have so much fun and know that that life we had planned of them growing up together, isn't going to go exactly as planned. I need to look at it like KP does; she gets giddy about the fact that they'll have friends that they can go spend a weekend with and give parents a break. I should think like that. I just hate when things don't go the way I planned.

I drove to Atlanta last night to attend a "tweet up". I finally got to meet up with my dear friend Sarah, who I have been texting, emailing and tweeting with for a couple of years. We drove into town and met up with quite a few Twitter pals. It was such a good time! I got to meet some of the ladies that I've been "talking" to for a while and they were just as awesome in person. I hardly got to talk to some of them though, so we'll definitely have to do it again.

I'm surprised I went. I have the tendency to get throw up nervous when in situations like that. I'm pretty awkward in real life (okay, I'm awkward on here too) and I'm pretty sure I say about a million dumb things. Hopefully I didn't scare anyone away!

Last week while Mr. P was out of town, we had a round of pretty bad storms. The day after the storm, I noticed our tub was no longer draining very well. So for two days, I dealt with it. Then Friday morning, I decided to take matters into my own hands and attack that bad boy with the plunger.. Bad, bad idea. Next thing I knew, my tub was filling up with black stuff. I called Mr. P and broke the bad news that I "broke our bathroom". It got worse. When I started the dishwasher, it filled back up and added food to the black mix. Freaking disgusting. Since we were out of town some of the weekend, it wasn't a huge deal. But I was one pissed off female when I couldn't shower on Sunday and then had to bathe in the kitchen sink on Monday. Fun times.

Speaking of Monday, I slept until 8: 22 am that day. Guess what time I have to be at work? 8. The language was awesome that morning between that, the sink bath and having no coffee.

Sometimes I wonder how my husband deals with me. I think I'm getting crazier in my old age.

I bought a box of poptarts and ate the entire box in two sittings. Who does that?!

Speaking of eating like a man, I should do a weight loss post. Who wants to guess how that's going?! Kidding, it's actually going well somehow.

My Grandma got some excellent news on Monday. Her tumor didn't shrink at all in the stomach, but it didn't spread!! So the plan is to have surgery on the 4th and remove the stomach if all is still well that day. I cannot thank y'all enough for all the tweets, emails, thoughts and prayers. Seriously, if I could hug every single one of y'all I would. Well, I'd give you a high five because I'm an awkward hugger. Still love me?!?

No for real. I can't thank y'all enough.


Jen Watts said...

I'm laughing with you over some of this. I came home to a collapsed closet and soaked carpet due to an hvac issue not too long ago-when it rains it pours! Hope your luck improves..
Too funny you're an awkward hugger- I'm always hugging people at inappropriate times.. Fun times!

Kara said...

Happy for you and your grandma. I cannot believe your Monday morning. We rented a two different houses and had that same plumbing issue in both houses. It is serioulsy horrible. I am so sorry!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Oh, sink baths are the worst! I think I would have gotten a hotel room just to shower, ha ha!

I'm like you when it comes to social stuff - awkward! Kudos to you for going - not sure if I would have had the guts :-)

lg2006 said...

Praying for your grandmother! SO jealous of your tweet up! i need to do that! Was it weird or just fun?

Unknown said...

I cant believe you came to Atlanta and I didn't see you :-( Anyways, I have been doing the same thing with trying to plan blog posts and failing miserably haha

Anonymous said...

Going to Atlanta sounds like fun times! Im another one who tries to plan out blog posts and fail miserably maybe one day...

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Great news about your grandmother - yeah!

I remain very jealous of that Atlanta Tweetup & am glad you had a great time. I get that kind of nervous before that sort of thing too, but it's always nice to go & prove your nerves wrong, isn't it?

And I can definitely relate to the wistful feeling where you had imagined raising your kids in the same town as your best friend. My BFF and I feel the same way, and we've just come to terms with the fact that our boys will have to be college roommates at the very least, if not also best friends :-).


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