Thursday, October 27, 2011

sometimes i wish there was a manual...

I think I've mentioned that we really have been struggling in the sleep department here lately.

And if I haven't and you're dying to hear about it, well then follow me on Twitter because I know I've whined talked about it incessantly over there.

BG is an excellent sleeper. So when she's not? I cannot deal.

The last few nights she's been screaming her head off at bedtime. She doesn't want to go to bed and then when she does, she's not happy about it. Not only that, but she wakes up multiple times screaming at night. Once you go in there, she latches on like a spider monkey and will not let you put her down.

I mentioned this at her eighteen month appointment just two weeks as well as her tendency to pull on her ears and scream at getting her hair rinsed in the tub.

Everything looks fine my ped told us.

So no biggie. So why the screaming??

It's gotten worse in the past few days. So much so that at one point I yelled out "just let her scream! I've got to get some sleep" (yea, not proud but I was exhausted).I've spent a lot of time with her in the bed with me or sitting up sleeping so she can lay on my chest. It hasn't been ideal but at least it helped. Then yesterday, she woke up screaming her head off at four am.

I had a meeting that morning so I had to be up early but not that early. So I pulled her into bed with me. She wasn't having it. We tried to feed her; not having. Tried to get her dressed; not having it.

At this point, my Mama's intuition was kicking in. Something was not okay.

Mr. P made the remark about her having some "separation anxiety" but at this point I knew it wasn't that. We checked her temp. Normal.

While I got her dressed, she cried. She cried while I got her some milk. She wouldn't stop unless I was holding her to my chest.

I finally got her settled on the couch with her blankie, Wubbie and some cartoons. I hurriedly got dressed and made plans to go to my meeting and then leave early.

I left her at the front desk at school with the head teacher while I ran to the meeting (I would NEVER have left her if she had a fever or seemed contagious, but that was not the case. She just wasn't happy). I called to check on her as soon as it was over and they said she was just sitting by herself in a corner.

I knew something was up and flew to pick her up.

I made her a doctor appointment while I drove. I halfway thought I was overreacting. But I was out of ideas on what could be bothering her. I was stumped.

When I picked her up, she was a barrel of energy and greeted me with a big 'ol "Mommy!!". I was so confused. Where was my lethargic kid?

Well, she showed back up.

At the doctor, she sat in my lap and just looked around with those sad, sick eyes. How did I miss something?? What was going on with my kid??

A double ear infection. That's what.

As soon as the doctor told me how bad it was, my heart sunk. How had I missed this? How had I let her scream for over a week? How did I not know?!?

I felt like such a Mom fail as I walked out of there. But I just didn't know.

There were none of the "signs". She was checked two weeks ago and given a clean bill of health. She had no fever, wasn't pulling on her ears; how would I have known?

She slept all day yesterday. And just one day of meds later, she's feeling better. And we're all sleeping again. Thank goodness.

I'm licking my wounds over my horror at not knowing this. I know it happens. I just feel bad.

You know, they really should make a manual for these kids.


Unknown said...

I ALWAYS wish for a manual - being a momma is hard!!!! you're doing a great job - you would have had no way of knowing!

Sarah said...

That has happened with my daughter when she was younger---no symptoms just not sleeping. I thought she was just "broken" and finally took her in to find out her ear was infected. Talk about me feeling bad!

Glad you took her in and hopefully her meds are working so you have your happy, good sleeper daughter back. :)

Heather said...

Oh yes, I so agree! None of my three children get fevers with their ear infections. Tommy (the oldest of our twin boys) had 8 ear infections since last November. Every time I took him to the doctor, it was because of a few sleepless nights. He'd be fine all day (because he's a happy kid) and then be miserable all night as soon as he'd lie down and the pain in his ears would bother him. But of course at the age of 2 years, he couldn't tell me it was his ears.

Every time I went to the doctor, I thought I was crazy. I'd bring him in and be like, "I have no idea, but he won't sleep. Please fix him." Every time it was an ear infection. I'm hoping we have an ear infection free winter this year. Good luck!

A.B. said...

THis has happened at least TWICE for us. I've decided they should teach us how to look into ears because seriously... no signs?!?! Um, how am I supposed to know?

I enjoy the competition for mom of the year, but I'm relatively sure I win.

Maydelin said...

yes will be great have a manual for this things, but i think the best manual is the mother intuition!!

and thanks good she is okay now

Maria said...

So I'm here trying to contain myself because the SAME thing happened to me- except my buddy is 9 months. I assumed it was 'normal' to have sleepless nights and fussiness and only took him to the ped after my mom and sister advised it. Yep, ear infection! I even wrote a post appropriately titled "Parenting Fail" because that's how I felt. Girl, we are all in this together!

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Please let me know when you find that manual. I so know that "fail" feeling, even though you did everything right here. I also know the frustration of a pediatrician initially insisting "Everything's fine!" when somehow, on that gut mom level, you just know it isn't.

Continued hugs & caffeine to you, and prayers for healing to BG. So glad she's feeling better already.

Lindsay said...

It's so hard! I'm glad that she is starting to feel better though. :) and so glad you are getting some sleep again!

Jen Watts said...

similiar story here..Carsyn was being clingy months fever..took her to ped and she had a bladder infection..big concern for a little one under 6 months at the time. do you know how many people asked me if I cleaned her well after poops?? I literally felt an inch tall and grieved until we got in to see a specialist. Turns out it was an isolated incident but still. Its so awful when their sick and can't tell you.

You're a wonderful momma and without a fever no one would have known..I hope baby girl gets back to her spunky self soon!

Jennifer said...

Poor Ella!
It broke my heart when you said she was sitting in the corner at day care :(
So MANY times I wish there were a manual or they could talk and tell exactly what was wrong.
Hope that sweet girl feels better soon!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Poor girl!! So glad you were able to find out what was wrong. I'm sure that was a huge relief to all of you!

Anonymous said...

your little girls situation sounds somewhat familiar to ours as Morgan would not sleep and we couldnt figure it out-no fever-no sign. We took her to the dr and sure enough her first ear infection.

So glad to hear she is doing better and sleeping again!

Ashley said...

Please send that manual my way! I DESPERATELY need one!! I am so glad she is back to feeling better. You need your little spunky, sleeping girl-not a sick one! : ) She's such a cutie pie.

In This Wonderful Life said...

oh girl, we all need a manual!! I have NO CLUE how you would have known! I wouldn't have! I would have just looked for pulling ears and fever...but she didn't do that! Do NOT feel bad. Sweet baby girl knew you would get to the bottom of it :) she just wanted to scream until you did! haha.


lg2006 said...

This happened to me once too! No fever, and no real signs except the screaming and sleep trouble! I thought it was teeth. We had a regular " well baby check up" and he told us he had a double ear infection! ahhhh

Unknown said...

This has happened to me before too. And the whole needing a manual thing? I need one every single day. Seriously, there is nothing to make you feel more like a failure than your kids. Thankfully they love us anyway:)


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