Monday, June 18, 2012

and then we went to charleston.... {part 2}

You can find part 1 here.

I have to give my kid props; the girl is an amazing sleeper. And most of the time, she doesn't miss a beat no matter where we lay her down.

While in Charleston, we stayed in a suite so we set the little on up in the living room in a pack-n-play. The room had these amazing black out curtains so nap time still happened and she even slept til way past nine both mornings.

We also had her out late too. So there's that.

The morning of the wedding, Mr. P went to breakfast with the boys while BG and I slept in and then had breakfast in the hotel. Eventually, we got dressed and rode over to meet our new friends at the outlet mall.

Both girls were tired but extremely well behaved so us ladies were able to both acquire new dresses for the evening. *When you leave me alone Mr. P, I shop. Simple.

Eventually it was obvious it was nap time, so we wrapped it up in the hopes that the girls would take a nap before the wedding that evening.

They had other plans.

BG was beyond tired (my own fault) and so was in a nap fighting mood for sure. By the time she passed out (in my bed), we were cutting it super close to time to start getting ready for the wedding.

So while Mr. P went and took pictures with the rest of the wedding party, BG snoozed in my bed and I got to spend some time with my Kindle on the couch. Not too shabby.

Unfortunately, it came time to head out the door and I had to wake the Princess up.

Not a fan.

One would wonder why BG was even attending said wedding with me and I would agree; bad idea. But Mr. P had family attending that wanted to see the kiddo so she went. Well sort of.

We got to the wedding relatively unscathed, but it was about three minutes into sitting down before BG had both shoes off, feet propped on the pew in front of her, and a loud declaration of "Mom, I gotta poop".

This was after squealing "Hey Daddy!!" every time he walked by to seat a guest.

Good times. My deoderant didn't stand a chance.

So to the bathroom we went and then my bad judgement reared it's ugly head.

We attempted to go back into the wedding. Only it was late. So the girls were getting ready to walk in.

We ended up shoved in a back corner where we waited for the girls to go in. Then in came the bride.

By this time, I'm basically holding an anaconda as BG has lost all desire to be held captive by me anymore. So I set her down.

Rookie mistake numero dos.

The doors opened for the bride and I heard a "crash" only to look down and see that BG had knocked over the umbrella holder full of umbrellas right at the brides train.

Oh my heavens.

Fortunately I picked them up in record time and as soon at the bride took off, so did we; right out the back doors where we found a porch stoop to bide our time on.

I was not impressed. BG was thrilled with her freedom.

By the time we made it to the reception, I was exhausted and my nerves were shot. Thank goodness Mr. P was just about done with bridal party duties and could help me at dinner. I would not have survived otherwise.

The reception was a blast and the other kids and BG were finally free to run around some and get that toddler energy out.

The food was delicious. They had a photobooth too which BG thought was just about the coolest thing ever. No lie; I do love a photobooth as well.

photography by BG; not too shabby


Everything is different with her around. I forget that sometimes (yes, even two years later) and I try to mold her into everything we do. And I forget, she's just not there yet.

So I didn't see the wedding? oh well. Was I beyond aggravated? absolutely. But I also got to watch my girl twirl around the church yard in her "pwetty dress Mommy". My girl still told me "I like that dress Mommy. You look cute!" before we left. And I still got to dance with the two loves of my life before the night was over.

We left early as everyone else was just getting the party started and headed back to the hotel. As we got her ready for bed and read her a few books, I knew, everything is different now, but everything is just how I want it to be. This is the life I love. Even if it's hard and difficult and I don't get to see weddings or stay super late and hang out with friends.

This is where I want to be.


Samantha said...

The photobooth pictures of y'all are so fun.

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Oh, girl - my heart goes out to you. Been there, stood outside of the wedding ceremony for that. It's that new normal thing, isn't it - 2 years later, I'm loving it but still adjusting too.


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