Thursday, January 10, 2013

maryland: day 4- nye

You can read about days 1 & 2 here and day 3 here.

After the shenanigans that was touring DC the day before, we decided that New Year's Eve should be spent at home just vegging out.

Well also, we are all some kinds of lazy and by the time we decided to make plans to go anywhere, it was late, and they weren't happening.

But sometimes the best days are when you're just hanging out around the house. And we are really good at just hanging around the house.

I pulled out my inner crafter (she's teeny, but she's there), and got the stuff together to make salt dough ornaments with the girls. I did this BG's first Christmas and I love having that little memento so I knew my SIL would love having one from AK's first Christmas. So we got the stuff together and did it.

BG absolutely loved it. AK was pretty neutral but her Mom loved it so I call it a win. Not a shabby way to spend a morning.

While those were baking (for 3 + hours for the love), we lazed around and played with the girls. My child, who won't play by herself to save her soul at home, quickly wandered off to play by herself with her blocks for a while. Sure, she plays by herself with there are tons of people to entertain her. Why wouldn't she?

My brother, SIL, and I were give the go ahead by my parents to actually head out that night for a bit of "adult fun". Clearly we took it and ran. I haven't been out on NYE since, I can't even remember, and the other two hadn't been out since before baby, so we were stoked for a night out. Actually, stoked doesn't even cover it. We were "pre-gaming" before we could even drag ourselves upstairs to get dressed.

After my bro and SIL left a lengthy list of do's and don'ts and I hollered out a "just keep her in one piece, love you, bye!", we were on our way out the door. Bring it on NYE.

While we were gone, my parents and the girls had a blast. There was movie watching and cookie baking. There was cookie eating and late bed times. I actually don't even want to know what time they went to bed. Some things are better kept secret...

Uncle M, Kiki, and I headed down the road for dinner and drinks which did not disappoint. The restaurant we picked was supposed to have a live band and dancing that night but our waitress let us in on a bit more "happening" of a place right down the road, so we packed up and headed there.

We had a blast. An absolute blast. Too soon though, the new Dad was falling asleep at the table so Kiki and I made the decision to call my Dad to come get us so we could all be home in time for the ball to drop.

Then, while waiting on my Dad (thanks Dad!), Kiki and I found the dance floor. And it was on.

Now this girl can't dance; but after a few drinks, I think I can. And I'll shake my money maker like nobody's business. Yea. That happened.

We were a bit sad that we gave in to UM's yawns too soon as were had to tear ourselves away to head home. Where we still missed the ball drop and I quickly rewound it and tricked everyone into thinking we did see it.


Other than the fact that I badly missed my other half, it was a perfect New Year's Eve. Though this girl will be good to spend the next one curled up on a couch. I'm way too old for those shenanigans.

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