Monday, January 7, 2013

2012: a look back

So I took a bit of a break in December. And that's quite the understatement.

To tell you the truth, I'm still not quite sure that my heart is in the right place for blogging. And I have no idea why.

But I started blogging over four years ago with the intention of telling our family story and even though blogging has changed a lot since I started, deep down, I still really want to share our story. I haven't decided how much or with whom I will keep sharing but right now, I haven't felt that definite call to say "stop" so I'm going to keep going.

What better way than with a little look back over the past year? I love reading these posts from everyone else and my past ones are still so fun for me to look back on so I'm doing it again, with the hopes that this post just might recharge my blogging juices.

Oddly enough, this year ends a bit like 2011 with still so much up in the air and so few answers. 2012 kind of sucked over all and I'm truly hoping and praying that 2013 brings a bit more good news and a bit less bad news than the past two. Please? And thanks?

We started the year quietly at home and it was awesome. BG started the year (and ended the year oddly enough) sick. We battled RSV and ear infections for months and finally she got tubes this month. My sweet, sweet Grandma lost her battle with cancer but got to go home to her Heavenly Father. We buried my Grandma, my brother got engaged, and we found out I was getting a niece in a whirlwind of a week. I battled some serious issues with saying good-bye to one of my favorite people. We traveled to Myrtle Beach for Christmas with my soon to be sister-in-laws family. We lost a dear family friend. We took a little trip back down to the SAV to spend some time with my Papa. BG's hearing impressed dramatically after tubes.


I shared my heart on being a working Mom. Mr. P's grandfather passed away. My best friend came up to SC to visit. BG hit 22 months and her personality absolutely took off. Mr. P and I got to celebrate Valentine's Day with lunch just the two of us (!) while BG took the crafts I made (!) to school for her school party. I waxed poetic about my "glory days". BG and I traveled back to Savannah to see a good friend get married and spend some time with our best pals.
This month started off bad for me as I continued to deal with my thoughts on my Grandma's death, BG got sick (again), and I dealt with a bit of depression (thank you winter). We discovered a new park not far from our house that would become one of our favorite places to frequent. We ventured down to Savannah for yet another amazing St Patrick's Day. Baby Girl got sick; again. The toddler-tude showed up big time. A little person's speech absolutely took off. BG had a blast at her friend T's birthday party.
BG started her birthday month off right with a party at school. BG turned two. We traveled down to Atlanta to take BG to the aquarium for her second birthday. We celebrated Easter. We had a "Very Fairy Birthday" party to celebrate our sweet girl's birthday. BG rocked her two year well visit. The little and I participated in the March of Dimes walk in town. I painted BG's toenails for the very first time!
2012.03.38 (6 of 67)
BG and I traveled with friends down to Columbia for a sweet friend's birthday party. My little brother got married. We had a little vacation in Myrtle Beach in which BG had her first real "beach day" and she didn't love it (sads). Mr. P and I celebrated our SEVENTH anniversary. I celebrated my third Mother's Day with my girl. We began (sort of) potty training (again). BG had "water day" at school and absolutely loved every second. Mr. P turned thirty five. Aunt Ashley came down for Memorial Day and we had a blast of a weekend. We traveled down to Charleston and BG got to play on the beach with a new friend and she loved it this time.
Mr. P was a groomsman in his best friend's wedding down in Charleston. My brother became a Dad and I became an Aunt (!). BG got to meet her cousin for the first time and my heart almost exploded. I shared my heart on how motherhood is not super easy for me. We showed Mr. P all kinds of love on his third Father's Day and made a weekend out of family fun. BG's love for all things baby exploded. The little one was diagnosed with a lazy eye and began rocking a fierce patch. BG wore diapers for the very last time..
BG went out in public for the first time in "big girl pants"! We went to our church's Fourth of July fireworks display. We celebrated the Fourth of July in absolutely no red, white, and blue. I wrote down my wishes to my girl. Mr. P and I got to see ZZ Top in concert. We traveled down to Savannah for a weekend with most of the family, including the newest addition. We got almost the whole crew back together in Savannah for dinner one night. We began frequenting the local water park with our bffs. I realized just how good our days around here are. I joined a running club in town. I let BG play hooky from school one day and we went to see her first movie.
Mr. P had a big time job change and we found out we would be moving; again. We spent a day out on the boat with our dear friends. My Mom came to visit. We decided to cram in as much fun as possible in our little town before the big move. BG started pre-school. I tried to deal with my feelings on leaving the place I called "home". BG fell in love with a baby squirrel. I ran my second 5k with a dear friend after weeks of running together. BG and Zo had their first spend the night party.
We went and said good-bye to "Miss Bitme" and met Mary Kate. We went to the park with Zo for the last time. We said good-bye to our best friends. :( We spent our last night in our house in Anderson. We moved to the country. I turned thirty. BG and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out our new roles together. I wrote (again) about how special my love for my daughter is.
BG and I had our first park playdate with some new friends. BG is now 2 1/2 and just seems so grown. The little and I traveled down to Savannah to see my best friend get married. The three of us went to the fair with Uncle Marine, Aunt Kiki, and the baby. Mr. P spent the better part of six weeks training in Columbia but finally came home for good this month. I took some time off work between moves to just spend time with BG and it was awesome. We took the Wubbie away and the child quit napping (sad). I admitted that I am weak. I shared my heart on the responsibility I feel being a "girl mom". We traveled to the pumpkin patch with some new friends. We drug Daddy out to another pumpkin patch. We took family pictures. We met Uncle Marine and his crew at the pumpkin patch for yet one more pumpkin adventure. My girl was the prettiest princess you ever did see on Halloween.
We drove back to Anderson for a day visit. BG and I wrapped up our days of 24/7 togetherness. We voted. I went back to work. Thanksgiving happened. I shared my story.
We picked out our Christmas tree. BG and I went back to Anderson for a visit. We attempted the Living Christmas Tree at church. The three of us went to a live Nativity here in town and BG loved it. One of my best friend's came to town resulting in a much needed girl's night. We went to Myrtle Beach to check out Christmas lights with Uncle M's crew. BG had her Christmas program at school. WE ended up in the ER twice in one weekend; once with a nursemaid's elbow, once with the flu and pneumonia. We saw Santa in between ER visits. BG was sick as all get out on Christmas Eve and Day. My Aunt and Papa came down for Christmas. BG and I travled with Uncle Marine and his crew to Maryland for a few days. Uncle Marine, Aunt Kiki and I partied for the first time in a long time on New Years Eve but still made it home for the ball drop.

2012 was a doozy but it was full of so many heart so full moments. I kind of can't wait to see what 2013 is going to bring. I've got amazing family, the best friends, and so much laughter in my life that I just know it's going to be epic.

Or at least it better be. ;)


Sarah said...

Bring yo ass to ATL! Xo

Carrie said...

I'd be so sad if you stopped!!!!

LaNesha Tabb said...

your 2013 is going to blessed and awesome. thanks for sharing your year!!

We Are The Tabbs

Elizabeth said...

I love reading these posts too! Your sweet girl has grown up so much! Praying you & your family have a wonderful 2013!

Jennifer said...

Don't stop!! We still haven't had our play date :) Maybe in 2013!!


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