Thursday, January 31, 2013

"me and my best friend."

This past weekend while we were in Savannah for this trip, we snuck in a bit of time before we left to go over to KK's house for a belated Christmas with our bffs.

We actually had enough time to just sit around the house and let the girls play for a while while K, Mr. P, and I chatted and caught up on life a bit. It was perfection. The girls had a blast and I caught myself choking up as I watched them ride motorized cars around the house knowing all too soon those cars won't be motorized. They are just so fun at this age. Gah, some days I just want to bottle this up.

But enough chatter, pictures?
Mr. P watching tv with the scariest doll ever.
I'm so thankful for this friendship. For friends that grow through life with you. For friends who love your kid like you do and spoil her with her first Barbie doll ever.

I'm especially thankful for a friendship that never skips a beat. That every time we get together with these girls, it's easy and comfortable. I'm so thankful for best friends like that.


Rachel said...

Friends are so special :) Love that at such a young age, E knows what true friendship looks like!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

What a wonderful friendship... and a blessing. Love the pictures of the girls together!


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