Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter shenanigans

This past weekend was epic. One of those weekends that just make you smile.

It didn't start that way. We actually had plans for Saturday that we had to cancel when the little one woke up not feeling so hot, but after a lazy morning hanging around the house, we thought she might be feeling well enough to head out for a bit. So head out we did.

We drove to a local park that was putting on an Easter egg hunt. I took BG to a big hunt last year in Anderson and she had a blast, so I was excited to find one she could go to this year. And Mr. P was able to go too. It was the perfect little afternoon plan to get the three of us out of the house for a bit.

BG had a blast. There weren't really any hiding places for the eggs so they made the kids use spoons to carry them back to their baskets. Made for some entertainment for sure. The rules were the younger kids could use their hands, but as soon as BG saw how hard everyone else was working with the spoons, she decided she had to use a spoon too. She definitely gave it a hardcore shot.

We had such a good time. BG ran around like a crazy person and laughed and giggled the whole time. We just enjoyed the heck out of watching her. Kids make everything more fun.

We'll pretend that she didn't have so much fun at this hunt that we'll now be doing egg hunts for weeks. That's how you know a certain toddler had one good 'ol time.


Kara said...

Ella is so pretty and I love the dress!

Jennifer said...

Cute pics! She is getting so big!

Your husband has a STL Cardinals hat. Is he from STL? Did I know that?


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