Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013.

Easter was magnificent. No, we didn't accomplish every activity I had planned for us, but we squeezed in a whole lot of fun. There were egg hunts galore, family visits, and church which my Mom and my brother and niece came to attend with us. We ate lunch out, which was different, but I found that it really doesn't matter what you're doing when the company is good.

The day was good. Really good.

I adore these girls.

It was so, so good to have my brother and niece here. BG just adores both of them and I love having my partner-in-crime here. The girls absolutely loved getting to hunt eggs together. The laughter I heard absolutely made my day.

I'm so thankful for what this day means as well. More so now that I'm a Mom than I ever was before. How blessed am I to have a God who did what He did for me? For my daughter? For my family? I am so thankful He lives!

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Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

So glad it was such a wonderful day! I love all the pics, they are so so sweet and cute and pretty! :)


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