Monday, April 8, 2013

"hear ye, hear ye! princess ella is 3!"

About the time my girl turned two, she started talking about how she wanted a "Princess party" when she turned three.

I attempted to steer her away from that a bit (I really thought I would at least get a couple of parties in before the themes took over!), but she held firm. Girl wanted a Princess party. And she wanted one bad.

So she got herself a Princess party. And it sort of rocked. It was kind of a perfect day.

The weeks leading up to the party had been unseasonably cool and rainy and I was about certain the party was going to be washed out. But it wasn't. The weather was actually perfect. Hot even. So much better than wet and gross.

For months, I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do for this party. I had all this grandiose plans and then in true Megan form, I flaked, procrastinated, and found myself the night before in a panic when I realized I had done absolutely nothing to get ready for the party the very. next. morning.

Fortunately Mr. P had taken it upon himself to order a bounce house. It was even a Princess one. He wins.
crown decorating station

In spite of the fact that I was up way too late (and totally took my family down with me!), everything turned out just like I wanted. Or pretty close anyway. I'll call it a win.

BG was surrounded by most of her favorite people on the planet. Her best friend (and mine) from Anderson made the trip down, her family was all here, her little best buddy here in Florence (and mine) were here, as was her favorite school friend. Girl was surrounded by love. Details from a store are nice, but they can't make a day like special people can.

I'm pretty lucky to have such amazing people in my life. Friends who love my kid like family. Family who is always there. Hit the jackpot with the people I surround myself with. Thank you all so much for coming to celebrate our THREE year old! I'm still not used to saying that...

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Maydelin said...

Happy Bithdaty Sweet Ella!!

it's looks like everyone had so much fun!! I loved the cake!!


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